War Dragons

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Invasion: Modern Empire – The Difference of the East-West strategic Game so far, most of the games have only been shaped into one genre and focused on developing that genre. Therefore, players have less chance to experience a game that combines many different genres. Because trying to stuff a lot of things into a game will make the game too complicated and difficult to grasp. However, this prejudice may have to look back after the birth of the War Dragons (Mod) for Android. The game is actually a real-time strategy game (RTS). But when first contacted the world of War Dragons, players absolutely can not think that RTS belongs to this genre. Because the game has a completely different approach to nature to attract players from the first moment.

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Actually, RTS games are more selective than other genres. This is a game genre that requires time and development strategy to be clearly defined, not as fast as other GMO games. There is a paradox that the number of fast-paced gamers overwhelms the market share of RTS games.

Most of the player’s psychology is always fascinated by powerful chases or something that maximizes the interaction between the player and the game world. Touching, swiping on the phone screen is more attractive than waiting for some time to develop the character or facilities needed in the RTS game. So, the War Dragons choose a different approach that other players love. Right from the start of the War Dragons world, gamers will be overwhelmed by the excellent image quality. A world of European mythology games unfolded in an inimitable way.

The 3D graphics platform is used radically to create an amazing marvel. All visual material is reproduced in meticulous detail. This is due to the sharp and true image quality combined with the bright and brilliant color scheme but not too fancy. The background system, re-rendered realism, and richness along with the creation of extremely powerful and vibrant dragon species will make the player be amazed.

Moreover, the visual effects of fire and explosion also make the player satisfied by the monumental and lively in each battle. From the very beginning of the game, what gamers are exposed to is the choice of a dragon to fight. Gamers will directly control the impressively animated dragons flying across the sky and attacking targets on the ground.

Besides, War Dragons (Mod APK) have species system of dragons are very plentiful. Each species of dragon has a different shape and different fighting styles. The player has the right to collect various dragon species and can customize the development to improve the quality of the dragon species that he owns. Possess and activate special effects. But as mentioned above, War Dragons is an RTS game, so the main task that players need to do is to develop their facilities. From hatching houses to creating new dragons to food processing items – a most important factor helps dragons fight. Because, if the food is not enough, the dragons can not fight.

This is a strategic factor that players need to figure out when and what to do. For example, when to incubate, when to produce food and when to take the dragon to occupy the resources needed. This makes War Dragons attractive when it comes to perfectly combining interactive action elements in a fascinating way, as well as enhancing the player’s strategic and growth. In addition, the content of War Dragons is unique as the main characters are mysterious creatures, which further increases the curiosity of players. Currently, the game supports Android and iOS operating systems.


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