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Uploaded: August 18th, 2017
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After a period of launch on the IOS operating system with certain success, recently, Super Phantom Cat is finally available on Android in the form of free.  For iOS users, the developer has released a 1.19 updated version that supports MFI controls and also comes with a 60s trailer that explains the story.  Unlike $ 1.99 cost as on iOS version, the new version of Super Phantom Cat Mod for Android is released as a free downloading and playing.

Super Phantom Cat (Mod Life/Unlocked) APK update for Android

In the Super Phantom Cat, instead of the familiar plumber Mario, the player transforms into a white chemist and embarks on an adventurous journey into the beautiful Phantom world. The game has been integrated with a simple touch controller so that gamers will control the cat with the task of collecting yellow squares to transform into Super Cat.

Basically, Super Phantom Cat is built on simple 2D graphics, but the color in the game is very harmonious and easy to see. All the characters in the game are designed shapely and lovely, even the monsters are hindering your adventure. The sound of the game leaves a good impression with the melody, the rhythm sounds pretty strange but perfect.

With the world of traps, puzzles waiting to answer with dozens of enemies, every move of the player will have to do the best that the game set out, just a mistake, Our the super cat will face to a tragic end.

Currently, Super Phantom Cat is free on Google Play, and on the AppStore. The game is available for $ 1.99. You guys can download the mod version of Super Phantom Cat for free at apkgalaxy.


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