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Onmyoji is the latest Netease game introduced at this year’s TGS2017 event, NetEase has recently launched a game called Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo. So, if you want to have this game, please download at the link below.

Download Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo APK English Latest/Update

Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo is a MOBA mobile game about the Heian period of the Japanese, developed from the same version of the famous game on Facebook. However, Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo has completely different gameplay, which the developers designed Moba games.

Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo allows you guys to explore a world of ancient Japan in the Heian period with a myriad of fabulous, evil elements. Besides, it is a great graphics experience, completely different from other products. Thanks to the exploits of the Japanese theme that a game produced by the Chinese people make many players love.

Familiar Heroes System

Join Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo, the player controls a series of iconic characters from the original, such as Tengu, Ubume and Ibarakidouji. Like many other MOBA games, each character in Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo will have four default skills and two other common skills (add-ons) as in League of Legends (LoL). Each skill will appear Cold-down and the player has to wait for the Cold-down ends then they can use that skill.

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More balanced and scientific gameplay

Netease has built a gameplay as a familiar Moba for Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo. However, it also has some differences that you should know. The most important is Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo will have a more balanced system, fierce competition and more complex than other mobile MOBAs. First of all, the game allows players to choose their favorite heroes, free of charge. There are no limits, you do not have to pay any costs to “Unlock” the new character.

The heroes in the game will take on the usual positions in MOBA games such as Fighters, Assistants, Gamers, Masters, and Riding. It is still a 3-way split map consisting of forest monsters, turtles, grass, buildings, and even a 5v5 combat model. However, they are reproduced quite unique and stylish as the Japan game.

The key feature of the game:

  • A new MOBA game with a fanciful theme.
  • Anime style graphics, colorful and smooth
  • Familiar character from Onmoyoji game
  • Various game modes
  • Play with your friends, support voice chat

Download Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo APK for Android

Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo is full of elements of a successful MOBA mobile game that possesses the familiar and engaging gameplay, unique 3D anime-style graphics and an extremely rich character system. Download Onmyoji: Battle! Heian-Kyo APK for free right now.

You guys can follow more information about the game at the homepage: https://moba.163.com/

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