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Instabridge for Android is a great tool which allows users to connect to free Wifi hotspots automatically. It also allows them to find available networks and connect to any of them without knowing username and password.

Instabridge – Free WiFi APK download for Android

Do you want to automatically connect to free wireless network at any time without using the password? If the answer is yes, Instabridge – Free WiFi APK is the great application for you. There are millions of Wi-Fi hotspots which are constantly being updated. Therefore, Instabridge is the simplest way to surf the Internet completely for free. It automatically detects available networks and removes unnecessary ports.
You can find Wifi hotspots on the application that are shared by other users from around the world. Instabridge for Android not only helps users get access to the nearest wireless network but also connects their phones to the Internet in many major cities in the world.

Features of Instabridge – Free WiFi:

  • Get free Wifi connection in all major cities
  • No data limitation, no fees
  • Automatically connect to Wifi as soon as it is activated
  • Set up a roving mode so that it can work even when offline
  • Help your friends save money by sharing your Wifi
  • Join the Instabridge community for Android and become a “hero” by adding your WiFi network in the city where you are living
  • A simple way to share your wireless network with friends and family without having to tell password over and over again

Important note: Instabridge for Android is not a hacking tool. Also, it is not capable of cracking any wireless network. The application synchronizes passwords on users’ and trusted devices.

Instabridge is an offline application for both iOS and Android operating systems and it totally is free. This is a community of shared WiFi passwords around the world. The app will help you automatically connect to networks near your location. It has a huge database with more than 3 million WiFi transmitters. You can download Instabridge – Free WiFi apk latest version that we provide above, good luck!


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