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Uploaded:September 25th, 2017
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Flat Pack is a game combining 2D and 3D. You have to navigate a cute 2D boy around a 3D block, completing missions and landing. Designed with 8-bit graphics, Flat Pack has classic characteristics and not as sleek as many modern 3D games. But the game has charming colors and attractive gameplay. The player’s mission is to control a cartoon character walking around a 3D cube to collect the yellow puzzle pieces in the top left corner of the screen. Once you have collected enough pieces, you must reach the final destination to complete the level.

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However, that journey is not easy. On the way, the boy can meet a bomb man that is ready to explode if you hit to him. Or your path is blocked by walls, furniture, and players are forced to use head to break or dodge …

The control mechanism of the game is quite easy. Characters will be allowed to go on the box face. You swipe your finger to the left, or right to control the character in the corresponding direction. Click continuously on the screen to jump over the character. However, sometimes, if you jump too hard, you will be thrown out of the box and the game is over.

Flat Pack Mod for Android has many levels, and each level has a different 3D shape and structure, bringing new challenges for the player to conquer. You can imagine that 3D blocks are placed in space and can rotate in any direction you want. Therefore, the character can move around the block very easily and players are also easier to observe.

More specifically, with the launch of the new Android version with updated technology, Flat Pack (Mod APK) has been updated to complement the actual AR enhancement technology. Thanks to that, users will have an exciting real-world gaming experience. You will control the character on the 3D block placed in a real space around the camera phone itself, similar to the monsters that appear in the real world in Pokemon GO game. Certainly, this addition will make your gaming experience more fun and much more.

Features of the game Flat Pack Mod APK:

  • Fun traps and enemies help make the game more challenging.
  • Play and explore 30 unique levels.
  • The new AR mode, which allows you to play games that combine virtual elements and real-world environments.
  • Game platform experience with one hand best.
  • Fight against great bosses.
  • Discover and find out all the secret stars to unlock the secret ending.

New features in version 1.0.1

  • Make some small improvements.


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