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Firstborn: Kingdom Come – A medieval strategy game from Netmarble. You are a strategy lover who enjoys contemplating big battles with hundreds or even thousands of soldiers at once. You are simply want to rule, build and develop a kingdom, let’s play Firstborn: Kingdom Come, the latest defend strategy game from Netmarble.

Firstborn Kingdom Come Mod APK download latest/update

Netmarble is a very popular name if you follow the news related to the mobile game market in the world. As a top gaming company in Korea, Netmarble has always been the birthplace of top games, including Seven Knight, Lineage2 Revolution, Phantom Gate, MARVEL, Tera M, Future Fight … and Firstborn is the latest game was released a few days ago.

Firstborn: Kingdom Come Mod is a Strategy building game, also known as strategy building. The game is set in the Middle Ages, when weapons, fighting tools are still quite rudimentary, mainly bows, swords. Besides, in order to avoid being boring, Netmarble also added elements of myth and magic into Firstborn, bringing the fierce battle and cruelty.

Similar to other building games, as a ruler of a kingdom, players have to build different types of buildings to collect materials, resources, and recruit as well like training soldiers, strengthening the defense of the invasion of the enemy. If only defensive, then it will be quite boring. That’s right, in addition, the player must lead the troops as well as control the powerful generals, march and explore the new land and make the alliance with other players to strengthen your kingdom.

In addition to building the kingdom, players also admire the fierce battle through the 3D view Top-Down, bringing the true and beautiful experience, accompanied by the skill effects when soldiers die or win. Because of the RPG element, players can also train their own generals, equip themselves with weapons, learn and upgrade their skills to increase their defense.

Currently, Firstborn: Kingdom Come APK has currently launched on both Android and IOS platforms, which players can access the download link below to download and experience the game.


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