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Dragon Project with a new fighting style will be a valuable difference in the ARPG on the mobile that is tautologized as the common style, which players feel bored at present. Dragon Project mod apk is the latest 3D action RPG game from Colopl publisher, Japan, is about to be released worldwide goGame company.

Dragon Project Mod Damage APK update for Android

From the first time appearance, Dragon Project has been rated as a quality product that represents the next generation of mobile games in Japan with innovative features and superior combat mechanics. Besides, the further exploration of this game titles, players also find the ingenious combination of Monster Hunter game, which is famous for the type of J-RPG purebreds in the Final Fantasy series.

And just like in Monster Hunter, this title does not divide the character class but depending on the weapon that the player chooses to use in the game, which determines the specific fighting style of each weapon. Through which players customize the appearance of the character according to personal preferences as well as can change the weapons using and customize the way of fighting characters in a hundred different ways.

Dragon Project Mod info:

  • v1: x5 attack
  • v2: x10 attack

Notes: You can log in the game with Facebook account. If get any error, please disable/delete Facebook App and log in again.

Currently, in the Dragon Project world, there is a total of four basic weapons that players need to pay attention to, including the Great Sword, Bow Name, Spear and Sword shield. Accordingly, the basic characteristics of each weapon in the first place are evident through the simplest combat steps they bring. For example, the Great Sword is causing large area damage, but it is quite heavy and many loopholes.

Meanwhile, the sword is more compact and provides a certain defense, extremely optimized and selected by many players. Besides, the name arc is obviously capable of dealing damage from a distance as well as the Merchant giving many melee advantages.

From these things, we can see that each weapon in the Dragon Project Mod Damage has certain advantages and disadvantages, so the player’s job is to optimize the advantages of that weapon, making the most of the strengths. In order to build the character around these advantages, as well as to limit all the disadvantages to creating a perfect fighting style with the weapon of his choice. Of course, when you realize that the weapon you have chosen is no longer appropriate or from the beginning does not fit your fighting style, you can completely switch to another weapon and start over again.

At the start of the game, the player will easily adapt to the game from the first level because the layout of the gameplay is very simple. At this point, you only have to get the storyline of a single NPC. Other side missions will automatically appear in the process. After clicking on the quest, the player will be teleported to the corresponding map. On this map, in addition to completing quests, players also have the task of farm small monsters to recharge the power of the stone to open the new map. During the farm monster, players will receive items that the main quest line or quest line will require or will encounter giant monsters to hunt or be hunted back.

The monsters in Dragon Project Mod dmg are also designed with their own attacks, accompanied by rhythms, which are difficult to grasp. The higher the level, the smarter they are. They can hide their weaknesses, or take it as a bait for players to hit their head and launch their killer tactics.

Because in this game each monster will have certain disadvantageous positions, and in order to acquire specialized materials that just fall out of the body parts, so the cooperation of the players with the other is very important. In order to be able to defeat the monsters while collecting the precious materials used in the upgrading equipment, players need to exploit and divide the weak points of the monsters, use them thoroughly.

Although the game is very stressful and difficult, Dragon Project Mod Money is designed intelligent control mechanism with just one finger. This is considered to be the highlight of the game when successfully building a unique “One Touch – One Touch” fighting mechanism. The players still enjoy the fierce, but not lacking artistry, the ambiguity which separates themselves from the screen or the conflict between enemy classes and the fine execution to finish the target. All this is done with one finger only.

Specifically, all movement, attack, evading, and use of the skill will be displayed through the click of a finger on the player’s screen. When touching and swiping, the character will move; tap lightly on the screen to normalize or swipe twice in succession so that the character can jump to one side. It is because of this mechanism that Dragon Project requires players to have quick and accurate reflexes during each phase, especially when confronted with difficult bosses in the game.

In general, Dragon Project Mod APK with a new fighting style will be a valuable game in the ARPG style on the mobile that is tautologized as a common style that players feel bored. Hopefully, with the uniqueness and personality of the game, it can create new inspirations for the gaming community.



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