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Destiny Childs is a Japanese RPG Card game, developed by RavenGames, for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Download Destiny Childs APK English for Android/iOS

Destiny Childs story revolves around the underworld of the devil, where there are always underworld forces. You are one of the Devils, but always feel bored with life and do not want to rival. However, suddenly, you were taken to the battle of the new demon king of the underworld. You cannot fight alone, and to seek help, along with warriors known as the Child. The battle begins!

If you are not familiar with this type of game. Do not worry! As soon as you download Destiny Childs and start the game, it will show you how to play. Destiny Childs (Eng) has very detailed instructions, features and the combat as well. The fighting mechanism of the girls is specifically instructed, so you will definitely know how to play.

Good Gameplay

Regarding the gameplay of Destiny Childs, still in the vertical-screen style, the tradition of this genre game, you will collect cards that are Destiny Childs girls, then arrange them into a desk of your choice and desire. Each character has different characteristics and skills. Supporting elements – conflicts in the game are varied so you need to know this to arrange the strongest team. Destiny Child’s gameplay is very different from card games of the same genre. The layout of the game is like a match in front of the player. You can let character perform normal attacks or activate special skills on enemies. The visual effects of the attacks and skills of the characters are extremely new and eye-catching, making the Destiny Child experience the difference.

Crazy combat system

The combat in the game is quite different. Your Destiny Childs list will be displayed on the screen as a round icon, you will touch the character you want to use for attack or defense. The cold-down feature will also appear, so you cannot use the character when the cold-down time ends.

Destiny Childs graphics are quite special, though it is just a 2D platform. But the developer has been using Live 2D technology to make players feel as 3D. Destiny Childs was designed very impressively for the familiar anime style. Combat in the game is also very beautiful and colorful.

Download Destiny Child APK Mod for Android (English Version)

Destiny Childs is available for free on Android and iOS, so you can download the game for free with the download link we provide below.


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