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ClassDojo Online is an online classroom designed to help educate students’ attitudes as well as enhance the parents’ ability to communicate effectively with their children. Users can use this helpful tools on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The Internet changes our way to perform virtually every activity in the life. Even activities that seem impossible to intervene like education. So far, online classes, online courses have not been strangers to the people. ClassDojo is an online class for children who possess many useful features, the ability to connect children with family and school. In the United States, there is 1 class using ClassDojo APK in every 2 classrooms, and with multilingual support, including parents also have a good appreciation for this application.

With this application, each student will have a representative image, while learning targets will be made by the teacher, such as homework, participation in classroom activities or assigned tasks completion. Student result will be displayed on a smart schedule and teachers can also send this sheet to parents.

Key Features of ClassDoJo Online Learning Application

  • Online classroom applications are free on all mobile operating systems.
  • Cross platform: iOS, Android, and the web.
  • Helps keep track of student learning easily with intuitive graphing.
  • Monitoring the learning process of the whole class.
  • Help your child track his / her achievements and change dynamics.
  • Connecting students, families and schools easily.
  • ClassDojo Online’s introduction video.

The ClassDojo Online application Introduction:

  • Users can create accounts and log into ClassDojo as a teacher, parent, student or school employee. Each object form will have a different procedure.
  • If you register as a parent, you will use Email and password to register.
  • If you register as a student, you will only need to enter your username, age, and password with at least 6 characters.
  • If you are a teacher, next to Email and password, you will have to fill in more information such as title, full name …

ClassDojo focuses on children’s cognitive and behavioral development and uses point-based scores to evaluate children. By any device, teachers may add or subtract grades based on their behavior or participation in the classroom.

  • Evaluate student attitudes
  • Teachers can change the criteria for positive and negative behavioral classification

The highlight of ClassDojo is the ability to connect families to schools. Teachers monitor each child’s behavior and send information to parents on a regular basis by recording each child’s behavior in the classroom (divided into Positive and Negative). Or deduct points for students instead of interfering with teaching time. Therefore, the teacher easily grasped the changes in behavior and informed parents on time.

The information in the student’s profile is not only very detailed but also updated regularly, helping them to recognize the good points and bad points, thereby improving or promoting.

  • Track individual student achievement
  • Track student achievement with visual charts

The strong points of the ClassDojo app:

  • Flexibility: Teachers have the flexibility to customize student incentives, bonus points, and event tracking.
  • Cross-platform Activity: Teachers do not have to sit in front of a computer and use smart phones or tablets to change grades.
  • Save time: ClassDojo allows parents to easily view information about their child’s progression so that it is easier and faster to get feedback from parents.
  • Data Analysis: ClassDojo provides the ability to analyze the overall learning process of the child, the percentage of each criterion that makes it easy for teachers to follow.
  • Track the achievement of the whole class
  • Track aggregate results of the whole class with detailed charts and announcements

ClassDojo offers a data-centric teaching system with information presented in a very intuitive graphical form. With a remarkable ability to improve the child’s social behavior development and frequent interaction with parents, ClassDojo will be a supportive learning application for schools. However, it should be noted that it can only complement, not replace the traditional classroom completely.

Note for babies applying: ClassDojo for Android

  1. Parents can access ClassDojo by using a code or an invitation via the text message sent by the teacher itself. In addition, each parent can only view his or her child’s information and learning process without viewing the data of other children.
  2. Students can create their own account on ClassDojo. However, they can only be used when receiving the code from the teacher. If the child is under 13, access will require parents’ rights.
  3. After installing and launching the application, if you already have an account, you can either select “Sign In” or create a new account by choosing to enroll as a Teacher, Parent, or Student.

If you are a student, the code is 7 characters and starts with the letter S, for example, “S123456”.

If you are a parent, register with Email and password.

If you are a teacher, in addition to Email and password, ClassDojo will ask you to provide some other personal information such as name, surname, position …

  1. At present, ClassDojo supports almost of the devices and allows synchronization of the data for real time usage, so this is really a tool that you should download to help children to get good knowledge. Get wider in a secure, reliable online environment. Also, one thing the development team notes is that ClassDojo is not a complete substitute for traditional classes, but as a supporting tool.

Important note: You can only experience ClassDojo when there is a code issued by the teacher.

ClassDojo is an ideal interactive environment that makes it easy for you to connect with your teachers to get the most out of your child’s learning and development.


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