Castle Burn – The Crown League

Uploaded: August 22nd, 2017
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Possessing a familiar RTS gameplay or real-time strategy, which is similar to Clash of Clans the game from Supercell, Castle Burn – The Crown League takes players to a battle between different races with a lot of creatures in the legend. Players have to control the troops, choose the direction to attack the enemy base to destroy their main house.

Castle Burn – The Crown League mod APK full for Android

Castle Burn – The Crown League performs the same card gameplay style as Clash Royale, but still has its own special features. Clash Royale’s familiar tactical card playing is an inspiration to create countless other gaming products on mobile. And today we bring you the latest version of the same type of game with CR called Castle Burn – The Crown League.

Basically, Game Burn Castle mod takes players into a mythical world where humans form kingdoms and live with other races such as elves, dwarfs, orc, elves … even strong creatures. Incredible and mysterious as dragons also have the opportunity to contribute. You will have the opportunity to recruit the above units to complement your army to fight with other players.

Castle Burn brings a blend of genius between defence and MOBA in real time. The map divided into two main lanes, where the two sides will be controlled by the machine and attack the enemy. The ultimate goal would be to destroy the buildings, destroy the enemy’s main house and collect the spoils for themselves.

However, the difference in Castle Burn mod apk compared to the classic Clash Royale game is that instead of just waiting for the money and then click to call soldiers out only, you have to familiarize yourself with the complex system and upgrades. You are required to build parallel mana operators (resources to call soldiers out) and come with the barracks to raise the maximum number of units you can use in a battle.

In addition, you can not immediately use all of your sets of cards from the beginning, you have to upgrade slowly. For example, after purchasing two types of first class soldiers, you will be unlocked level 2 soldiers to use. Of course, the later units will be more powerful and more expensive, so your castle will also change depending on the upgrade you have.

Taking part in the battlefield exploration of Castle Burn mod at apkgalaxy, players will get acquainted with the extremely detailed tactical system such as selecting a hero before each battle to receive special support points for the troops or compete for mana mines in the middle of the map to have more resources. It all depends on how you play and how you use your troops. And after each battle, you have the chance to open the chest and receive rewards such as extremely attractive gold or rare cards.


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