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If you have been a fan of the popular RPG game on the PC Dragon Nest, maybe Divine Paradise is a great choice for you to find a new experience on your Android devices.

Divine Paradise Mod APK- The new MMORPG game in the same style as Dragon Nest

Divine Paradise context took place in a medieval fantasy world, with a series of creatures and races that only appear in movies, comics, or novels. The battles between people and these forces take place on a large scale, directly affect human peace. Divine Paradise offers a total of 5 basic character classes. Each character possesses a distinct fighting style and skill set. You can select a class you want. For example, the Warrior is suitable for melee, ranged attacks, or magicians. Archer deals long range damage. If you want to be a supporter with buffs for your teammates, you should try the Priest.

Divine Paradise has a beautiful 3D graphics, and the effects of interaction between the skills and objects are extremely impressive. Divine Paradise will bring players the excellent combo with the virtual key system, joystick. Virtual is easy to use, players just touch the virtual keys to select and use the character’s skills. Using the virtual keys on the screen, players can perform a variety of combo forms to maximize the damage done while avoiding the attacks of the enemy.

Divine Paradise classes:


  • Strong melee attack. They were able to crush the enemy’s defenses with strong force and extraordinary physical strength.
  • Attack Type: Melee Physical Atk
  • Job Feature: High Move Speed
  • Difficulty: **


  • Powerful long distance attack ability, good at launching a surprise attack in the rear.
  • Attack Type: Long Range Atk
  • Job Feature: High Aspd
  • Difficulty: ***


  • Good at controlling ice, fire, darkness, light spells. Good at using a wide range of combat and control skills.
  • I Attack Type: Mid Range M Atk
  • Job Feature: High Damage
  • Difficulty: ***

Cit Priest

  • Has great defense and healing, restores magic, and is responsible for protecting teammates in the team.
  • Attack Type: Melee Magic Atk
  • Job Feature: High Defense
  • Difficulty: *


  • Master of science technology, can produce magic potion, and good at bombarding the enemy with heavy artillery guns.
  • Attack Type: Mid Range Matk
  • Job Feature: Summon pet in battle
  • Difficulty: ***

Divine Paradise possesses a large map from steppes to dark dungeons. You have to control the characters moving through these lands, defeating all the enemies you encounter. , gaining rewards from NPCs when completing the missions. Divine Paradise requires a network connection to play, you will be given a server to connect to the game. The players can interact and make friends with other players around the world, perform tasks in the same PVP mode.

In addition, players can also invite their friends and teammates to join and fight together to overcome the difficult challenges and win the rewards. You can use them to upgrade equipment or skills. When the player reaches a certain level, they can unlock more exciting new features, each class will have up to 5 skills.

The console is designed to be optimized to match the phone screen, makes it easy for players to familiarize themselves with, and operate faster. Divine Paradise is released as a free-2-play game with an in-app purchase system that allows players to buy a few items for real money. Currently, the game is available on the Play Store. The readers can visit the address below to download Divine Paradise APK mod and experience right now.


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