Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars

Uploaded: October 28th, 2017
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Becoming the best racer with Dirt Trackin Sprint cars (Mod Money) for Android, you will have the collection of the best cars and become the champion. Dirt Trackin Sprint cars game has been waiting for a long time, which is finally available on mobile. You will participate in an extremely harsh race to win and show your great driving skills.

With 410 Winged, Non-Winged and Midget vehicles, you will be challenged at every level of competition, surpassing the 6 elaborate and beautifully road in different parts of the world.

The attractive game modes:

Like all racing games of the same genre, Dirt Trackin Sprint cars Mod APK offer a variety of modes for the player to experience. In Career mode, you can drive your way from the US to Australia in a mode of up to 108 Different races, in which you need to win each turn to progress to the next. You try to win any race you join, win through the ranks from Midgets to Full Wing 410 Wing Sprints and unlock the rewards.

In the online racing mode with a lot of players, you will race with your friends and rivals to see who will become the best racer in the world. This is considered to be the most engaging racing mode that people want to try. You can choose from a variety of controls, including Arrow, Tilt or Touch Wheel. Another great game modes are Day / Night / Dusk racing modes, you can choose the time, terrain and more features in the race before you start.

Top graphics:

With the 3D graphics platform, Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars bring you the best feeling, as if you were in a real race with fierce competition, realistic weather elements. The sound of the cars is also really great.

Dirt Trackin Sprint cars Game features:

  • 6 fantasy lanes in different parts of the world
  • 3 different character classes.
  • Highly competitive multiplayer mode: Race with your friends, opponents and see how far you go beyond the best in the world.
  • Control your way: Choose an arrow, rotate or a virtual touch wheel.
  • Customize the terrain and weather in which the place your race takes place.
  • Tracking Metrics and XP: Track your entire racing career in Single Player, Multi-Player or Career mode; becoming 1 of top 5 best racers and tracking the whole process of skill improvement. Earn XP when winning, the Career race complete and many great rewards when conquering the Career mode.
  • Your race results will be displayed on the global rankings


Your race has not only mud but also difficulty with the competition of other racers. Players will experience a thrilling competition with really interesting surprise.

Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars APK for Android is one of the great car racing games. Playing Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars, you have the opportunity to control the unique racing cars and participate in the extremely attractive gameplay modes.


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