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DigimonLinks is a Strategy RPG game released by Bandai in Japan in 2016 on both Android and IOS. After receiving positive feedback from local players as well as in neighboring areas, Bandai decided to release the English version and global release for their product. And now the English version of DigimonLinks is available on the Play Store.

DigimonLinks English Version Mod APK download [Latest]

Famous for its Pokemon in the field of virtual pet games, Digimon has also earned a reputation as a big fan community of its own. With a myriad of Digimon world products launched so far, the brand is once again preparing to welcome a representative in the worldwide mobile market with the name: Digimon Links English Version.

Key features of the game:

  • Simple and strategic gameplay: Each card in the game represents a certain Digimon. Combine the cards to create a chain of strength and destroy all opponents.
  • Collect your favorite Digimon: Digimon Heroes includes over 1,000 different Digimon, ranging from popular species to legendary warriors.
  • Digimon evolution and upgrades: Exploit the power of characters by combining them. Each Digimon possesses immense power, so try to reach the limit.
  • Experience dramatic matches: Join challenging battles and special events at Fire Island to win exciting rewards.

DigimonLinks Mod Features:

  • God Mod
  • High Damage (one hit)
  • Free shopping
  • No Root Requires

How to download and Install?

  1. Remove the latest version on your devices (if installed)
  2. Download DigimonLinks Mod APK file that we provided below
  3. Install normal
  4. All done!

DigimonLinks English Gameplay:

Digimon is an extremely well-known anime/game series in Japan as well as in many other countries around the world, featuring the adventures of selected children who overcome the dangers of rescuing the world from the threat of Digital. The world, along with them are the “digital monsters” (Digimon) possesses the cute and mischievous personality. DigimonLinks (English) is based on this familiar theme, but instead of single Digimon, players can manage their own Digimon team.

Introduction to the gameplay of Digimon Eng Version:

In essence, DigimonLinks is a turn-based, team-based RPG with a huge variety of Digimon players, who can reliably collect these “characters” through Gatcha feature, or from the rewards gained after overcoming certain challenges. In addition, DigimonLinks (Mod Money) also possesses the familiar Evolve feature of the series, as players who increase their Digimon to a certain level and have enough material needed can evolve into a new form with criteria, skills as well as a completely new look.

The battle aspect of the game is the turn-based battle mode, there is a conflict between the attributes of each type of Digimon, players can control and select the use of skills, items or run away if you want. Players can arrange all 6 Digimon to battle and change freely in the middle of the match as needed. In order to increase the combat ability, players can nurture, enhance and evolve their Digimon more and more.

Multiplayer modes in DigimonLinks:

In addition to the normal PvP mode, players can also co-op to form groups with their friends to fight against other teams. The graphics in Digimon Links are also very detailed and eye-catching in 3D, Digimon is carefully crafted from shapes, colors and skill effects to depict the characteristics of each species. The gaming experience is full of gamers. You can surely participate in PvP mode to compete with other players. The higher the rank, the more valuable the reward is. In addition to the original graphics plus a simple but novel fighting mechanism, the game focuses on social functions including complete friendships, planting … In addition, the game is also directed to the 3v3 coordination, in which you have to coordinate with other players to win the game.

The farm is a fun feature integrated with DigimonLinks Mod Money, players can create their own farm, build and upgrade buildings. Thank to this feature, they will help you produce raw materials, items are quite high value.


The English version of DigimonLinks has been officially released on the Play Store. The game is completely free and will integrate the IPA package, which you have to buy with real money if you want to own. You can fully download Digimon Mod APK that we offer below to buy everything absolutely free. Have Fun!


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