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Referring to the Digimon, the youth, especially the teenager is familiar with this name. It based on the same name of manga, Digimon has developed into the other different entertainment types such as anime, video games, toys… thanks to the famous Pokemon style.

Digimon ReArise – The latest android game about the legendary Digimon from Bandai Namco

There are a lot of titles created by copying the famous Digimon Anime series and achieving certain success. And recently, Bandai Namco has released a new promising brand called Digimon Rearise.

In the latest edition of V-Jump, a manga magazine and game show of Shueisha – Japan unveiled the first images of Digimon ReArise game project of Bandai Namco. Accordingly, the big game company is expected to release the game in 2018. Digimon ReArise will be released as a free download, but there is a little information about it except for it is a “friendly evolution RPG”. Players and their Digimon will face a criminal organization called Spiral, which is the main threat.

Although the detailed information on the gameplay has not been revealed yet, Bandai Namco claims Digimon ReArise will still retain the storyline associated with the friendship between the Digimon and the Digi-Town coach, including the first Digimon generation. With its colorful 3D graphics and exciting interactive features, the Digimon promises to bring the Digi-Town world as great as the original.

Digimon ReArise Key features:

  • The latest Android game for those who are Digimon fans
  • Hundreds of different Digimon to find and use.
  • Various game modes
  • Select and train your Digimon.
  • Impressive 3D graphics, support for many different languages.

All the latest information about the game will be updated to you in the following article. Please pay attention to get all the new information!


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