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Digimon: Encounter has been released by Bandai Namco to recall your childhood memories with over 200 unique Digimon species. Referring to the Digimon, many people, especially the teenage is familiar with this game. Originating from the manga of the same name, Digimon has developed into a variety of other entertainment types such as anime, video games, toys … Although the style is similar to the Pokemon, Digimon is still attractive to attract millions of fans around the world.

Download Digimon: Encounter APK (English/Official) Latest/Updates

There are a lot of game titles created by copy the famous Digimon Anime series and achieving certain success. Recently, Bandco Namco suddenly added to its collection as well as a collection of Digimon series another product called Digimon: Encounter. The game was released widely on Android platform and ioS with the English interface. Interested readers can click on the link that we provide below to download this game for free. Let’s take a look at this game:

Digimon Encounter 2019

The popular Digimon world.

Digimon is cute monsters created by the “Digital World” – they exist in parallel with the human’s life. The Digimon world is similar to the Earth, in which there are good and bad Digimon – they are trained and developed by the chosen – or tamer. Bad guys use Digimon to break the balance in the digital world in order to dominate it. Conversely, good people with a love of peace are ready to stand up against the evil forces. The world of Digimon is huge with many different types. They all have their own attributes. There are conflicting Digimon types and you should know this to get a big advantage when fighting.

The gameplay of catching and training Digimon

In the first game, Digimon was released on the familiar Gameboy, through many different versions. Digimon play style is still made by the tradition, but it does not lose the traditional gameplay. In Digimon: Encounter for Android, the player will continue to be a trainer with the task of capturing and training Digimons around the world. When nurturing and developing Digimon’s strengths, players will be able to take them to fight other Tamers. This game is quite similar to Pokemon. On the other side, Bandai’s Digimon license is the biggest competitor to Pokemon. And Digimon: Encounter will still adopt this familiar virtual pet play.

In addition, elements of the Digimon game such as housing systems, animal breeding, fishing, hatching, training … and many other social features remain the same. In addition, players also have the opportunity to participate in dramatic and attractive PvP battles with other players around the world.

Powerful graphics updating

Digimon: The Encounter possesses the 3D graphics platform instead of 2D. The Digimon are designed in accordance with the original version, promising to bring the most familiar experience for gamers. You will feel overwhelmed with over 200 different Digimon designs that are meticulously detailed and resemble what we previously knew. With up to 200 Digimons, Digimon: Encounter allows gamers to gather the most powerful pet warriors and tactics of their own.

Free Download Digimon: Encounter APK for Android, iOS

In general, the Digimon Encounter brings the familiar virtual pet gameplay like the previous ones. But with more innovative gameplay and enhanced graphics, players can enjoy one of the most popular Digimon games. Namco Bandai’s name also confirms the excellent quality of the game. You can download Digimon Encounter apk latest version now with the path below for free. Digimon Encounter 2019 Digimon Encounter 2019

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