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DigDeep Image Recovery for Android is a powerful mobile image recovery tool. It can search deleted images in memory cards and internal storage and retrieve them easily. When it comes to cleaning up your photo, accidentally deleting your favorite photo on the phone is not uncommon. You would be very confused at this point and would like to find a tool that can restore them. To solve this problem, all you have to do is download DigDeep Image Recovery APK file at APKgalaxy.co and let it scan the entire internal and external storage of your Android smartphone.

DigDeep Image Recovery APK Download for Android

How to use this utility is very easy. Just turn on the app and the “loading” screen will be displayed. Be patient a bit and wait until it scans the entire folder and the file containing the deleted image. Long or short scan times depend on how large the memory is. After the scan completes, DigDeep Image Recovery for Android opens a new screen with folders to save the image at a specified location. Check one by one to find the picture you want to restore, then click the “Restore” button to complete the process. Now a dialog box will pop up, telling you the folder containing the image just recovered. Users can choose to browse the data by folder or photo gallery where they can be found.

DigDeep Image Recovery key feature :

  • Scan both internal and external memory (SD card)
  • Beautiful and easy to use user interface
  • High quality, fast, reliable
  • No need for root phone
  • Restore all image formats: jpg, jpeg, png
  • Note when using DigDeep Image Recovery for Android

The application may display some pictures that have not been deleted. This is because they are located in hidden folders that have been scanned by the application. Continue scanning, you will find the image you are looking for.
DigDeep Image Recovery APK for Android is not a trash application. It is a standalone application that can recover even deleted pictures before installing the application.

In a nutshell, DigDeep Image Recovery is the smartest way to get deleted photos on your Android smartphone in the simplest way anyone can. Download DigDeep Image Recovery for Android for free, so do not be afraid to install it and experience it yourself.



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