Devil Fighter Dragon X

Devil Fighter Dragon

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Devil Fighter Dragon

Devil Fighter Dragon X is a 2.5D graphics countervailing game developed by Utkinadeveloper, just launched on the Google Play store. Devil Fighter Dragon X was developed based on the popular comic book and cartoon Dragon Ball, promising to fever the world game market in early 2019.

The storyline in the game Devil Fighter Dragon X begins when Goku and his friends have to step into a new battle with Android 16 and super strong army. The story will be divided into 3 chapters: Super Warriors Arc, Super Villain Arc and Android Arc – each chapter will be a new story corresponding to Goku, Frieza and Android 16. Throughout the game are beautiful battles without feedback Link between super powerful warriors!

Devil Fighter Dragon X

After the success of the Xenoverse series, it’s time for us to come back with a classic 2D graphics battle game from the Dragon Ball set. Devil Fighter Dragon X maximizes power from Anime graphics in Japanese cartoons to create the closest combat experience for the audience.

Devil Fighter Dragon X with over 100 super grinds and super-level fighting. If you are looking for a super fighting game genre involving grind and dragon ball, then this is the game you need to try with all the familiar moves of kamehameha, spirit bomb, final flash …

The genre of fighting game against each boss for each scene is a very simple gameplay that everyone can play the first time they approach the game. In the game Devil Fighter Dragon X, you will choose one of the 5 main characters of the dragon ball, each character will have a set of special moves. Each skill will have its own destructive power, players need to combine and coordinate well to achieve the highest combat results.

Each object is supported with a maximum of 22 levels of higher-level transformations. Each time the character changes, the character will restore all strength and increase strength. Just like that, up to 22 levels transforming the power of the character will become very strong, can win any boss if you know how to fight.

Devil Fighter Dragon X

In addition to the power design, Devil Fighter Dragon X also supports senzu items and magic beans to restore energy, increase strength, maximize power, restore blood, protect …

High quality Anime graphics

Using the power of the Unreal Engine and the talented development team of Utkinadeveloper, Devil Fighter Dragon X possesses stunning graphics and attention to detail.

Match 3vs3 attractive

Build dream teams and upgrade skills to participate in high-intensity, professional battles.

Many good online features

Play in a match with matchmaking opponents, interactive lobbying, 6-person team battles … Lots of unique game modes are waiting for you to explore in Devil Fighter Dragon X.

Exclusive plot mode

Discover unprecedented contexts along with Android 21, a brand new character created by Utkinadeveloper.

Matches for the label

Experience combos, spectacular destruction tables or familiar scenes from the 1080p resolution of Dragon Ball and modern 60FPS screen speed.

Take advantage of character skills

Devil Fighter Dragon X possesses an excellent fighting style and is a cross between classic and modern style. Gameplay learns ideas from many games in the same line as the Marvel vs. series. Capcom and the form of exciting team matches. Each player will select 3 characters to create a new team. You can control each character and switch between characters anytime, anywhere, or call one of the remaining characters to perform a support move, allowing attack at the same time and creating a combined combo for both. team. The winner is the team that can defeat all 3 opponents on your team.

Devil Fighter Dragon X

During the game Devil Fighter Dragon X, players will collect each dragon ball one. When collecting 7 members and combining them together, Shenron will appear and give you a wish – such as increasing the strength of the warrior, reviving the alliance that has failed, restoring the strength of a good warrior. Increases resistance to damage…





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