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Device Maintenance for Android is a tool developed by Samsung to help Galaxy users deal with their phones’ problems without having to go to the service center. If you want to feel more comfortable when using your Galaxy phone, you should download Device Maintenance for Android and experience it now. This application helps users keep their phones in the best condition easily.

Samsung Device Maintenance APK download for Android

Device Maintenance APK for Android has a highly intuitive interactive interface, which helps users quickly check their device status as well as maintain their smartphones properly without the help of experts. It will give solutions when there are some problems with your phones such as malicious code, virus, spyware and so on.

Main feature Device Maintenance:

  • Reports current status of a customer’s smartphone on a 100-point scale.
  • Optimizes your phone in just one simple touch.
  • Analyzes the battery power used by each application, saves battery power by checking unused programs through App power monitor.
  • Identify battery-draining applications.
  • Provides power saving mode and maximizes their smartphone to ensure that users can use their phones for a longer time.
  • Supports for the automatic deletion of unnecessary files.
  • Configure Galaxy device in the desired mode. Choose from four Performance modes to offer a better performance for your phone: Optimize mode, Game mode, Entertainment mode, and
  • Optimize mode, Game mode, Entertainment mode, and High-Performance mode.
  • Manages and frees up RAM effectively.
  • Detects malicious software (viruses, spy) and provides real-time protection for smartphones.
  • Provides two widgets types and an Edge Panel for customer convenience.

Note: Device Maintenance for Android has some features which are limited in some Galaxy devices.

What’s new in this app?

  • Being fixed bug that prevents Bixby Voice from running after RAM is cleaned up.
  • Being fixed the error that Update button still works after the update process of application is completed.

It is generally known that users do not want their phones to be damaged for any reason. However, sometimes, they hesitate to send their phones to the warranty center. Therefore, Samsung has developed this application so that any customer can solve some common issues of phones after using these devices for a long time. Device Maintenance APK is provided completely free so let’s try it out.


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