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DestrucTopia: Heroes Battle is a third-person shooter Android game, based on the Unreal 4 graphics platform with a great fighting experience for the player.

Download DestrucTopia: Heroes Battle Mod APK (Unlimited Resource/Money)

DestrucTopia’s storyline: Heroes Battle takes place in the future when the earth is engulfed in war. The wars happened and the destructed almost of the earth. The terrorist organization has taken the human into the war. You will be one of the eight survivors, with the task of destroying the enemy, rescue hostages all over the world.
As mentioned, DestrucTopia: Heroes Battle Mod is a third-person shooter, which you control the characters moving and shooting targets, left-handers, and right-hand actions. It includes Shooting, reloading bullets, freezing grenades, using knives and a button to perform special skills. In addition, you can use the auto feature to the character’s skills, which will be automatically used when the Cold-down time run out.

Gadgets are a powerful tool for you. There are 5 slot gadgets that players can use. It is very simple to use the gadgets, you will get certain points when the target Kill the enemies. You can use these scores to place gadgets around your heroes to destroy the enemies.
Built on the same platform as Unreal 4, Tera M or Dragon Project, DestrucTopia: Heroes Battle is sure to bring you great gaming experience. The war is extremely meticulous, explosive effects, and cut scenes in the game are well designed.

DestrucTopia: Heroes Battle Mod features:

  • Unlimited Money/Diamonds
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Gas
  • God Mod

Key features of the Game:

Action RPG game with 8 Heroes.

In a world, where you cannot trust anyone, there are only 8 Heroes that you can make the friend and survive together. Each hero will have different characteristics and skills, so you have to choose the best, most suitable for performing a task. You have to lead your team to complete missions

Deploy Gadgets to Step-Up Battle

Upgrade your Gadgets to increase your hero’s strength, unlock new weapons, and add support items to upgrade your heroes. There are a variety of weapons with different strengths.

Attack the cities and earn new resources

Building and upgrading your city is very important. They will help you fight the battles from enemies, command your team to fight with other players, attack and destroy other cities to collect resources and use them to build the city.

Multiplayer mode

You can make friends and invite friends into battles, beat the bosses and get great rewards.


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