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Desert Battleground

Uploaded:April 9th, 2019
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Desert Battleground is a survival strategy game inspired by the gameplay of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Your main task is destroying your opponent and survive to the end.

Desert Battleground Mod APK for Android

Choose a powerful weapon, embark on a real battlefield and bury your enemies in the unnamed desert in Desert Battleground!

The storyline is quite similar to the PUBG survival game, you are dropped on a desert area with many other people. You all will fight together to see who the last survivor. Your task is to find yourself the best weapon hidden in any position on the battlefield, prepare for war and ensure your life.

Players will have to move constantly by the danger always stalking. If you are a little bit careless or lack of sight for a few seconds, you will receive be killed by the enemy and lose your game lives. You can take advantage of the in-game cars to move faster. Make every effort to be the last one to survive and win the game. Download the free Desert Battleground for Android and play now!

Desert Battleground Key features:

  • Tactical shooter. Your primary mission is to survive.
  • Vast selection of weaponry and ammunition.
  • Realistic enviroment.
  • Bury your foes in the unknown sands of desert.
  • You’ve been dropped in the battle area with dozens of enemies. A strange sphere has covered this territory.
  • Find yourself a good weapon. Hide. Prepare for battle and most important survive at all cost.
  • You will have to move constantly because the hazard area is always moving and apearing out of it will kill you in few minutes.
  • Use cars for faster move speed.
  • Be the last man standing and win the game of survival.

Like PUBG, players will have to manually search for weapons based on experience and luck to become the last survivor. If you are a PUBG fan, do not miss this game, download Desert Battleground mod apk for free by link below.



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