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Demon Blaze – A new game for turn-based strategy games fans.

Demon Blaze is the latest version of Spil Games, which has been released on Android and iOS. It is a turn-based strategy game that combines with role-playing elements, which is considered quite a new addition to the game. The fans of this game when looking for a new game to experience after a long time playing too many of the Survival Game.

A classic turn-based strategy game

Demon Blaze is a classic strategy game, featuring gameplay with the most basic elements of the turn-based Strategy game, in which battles in the game take place in a map divided into small squares units. This is also the way the heroes move, the player controls a group of heroes against a lot of fierce enemies in the certain area. You will have to calculate accurately with the right tactical direction for destroying the entire enemy quickly and minimize the damage as much as possible.
The turn-based strategy is that all the actions of each character are controlled and executed in turn, which will cause the player to calculate carefully before making a decision.
Like other Turn-based Strategy games, the world in the Demon Blaze is divided into different areas. Each map is divided into Stages, the player’s task is passing all the Stages to unlock the new area. At the end of each map, you will have a Boss Battle. You have to destroy the boss and win the game. You will receive rewards. It is usually a Gold, Item, experience or unlocks new Heroes.


The background of Demon Blaze is in a magical world full of legendary creatures, which is divided into races. The balance is maintained but when the dark creatures revive and attack people, the world is changed. You will be the warriors with the task of protecting the peace of the world. In this war, you are not alone. Throughout the journey, you will be able to meet and reunite new teammates or recruit them through the game’s gatcha system. You can have yourself the most comprehensive team based on the individual strengths of each member.
The heroes in Demon Blaze are divided into Classes. Each of them has different special skills. Everything will depend on you.

Impressive graphics – multiple player modes

The background of Demon Blaze is designed on a beautiful and detailed 3D background. In addition to the design of the character, the game has its own characteristics that make the difference in appearance and personality of each character, which make the players interesting. The monsters in the game are also very impressive. Right from the first stage, you have to face the Demon of Fire, a giant monster covered with fire, holding a sword big and has destructive power.
In addition, Demon Blaze also gives players a lot of features as well as high-level play modes such as Arena, Raid Boss, Guild Wars… Each game mode has its own attractions, especially, you will have the chance to get lots of big random items when completing missions in the game.


Demon Blaze gameplay is not new, but it still has enough elements to become a quality Turn-based Strategy game. The game is currently released free of charge on both Android and iOS platforms. Click the link below to download the game now!


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