Defenders & Dragons – Very good dragon killing game

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Defenders & Dragons – Very good dragon killing game

We have to admit that Glu Mobile’s performance recently has not been the same as before, with quite a few titles gaining outstanding prominence. This is also the reason that Defenders & Dragons gained a lot of fear after the first time of its debut. However, a good game, however, still attracts gamers, Defenders & Dragons has proved this.


Defenders & Dragons is a public genre game that is a great dragon-killing strategy for mobile. Players participating in the game will transform into a warrior with the mission to destroy the dark dragon herd under the support of the mighty army. After each kill a dragon monster will have a certain chance of dropping a certain amount of money, thanks to this money you will be able to upgrade your troops and soldiers system more and more powerful.



Mechanism of fighting is very simple, the game will take you into the battlefield with the main task of each but play is to protect a gate – the obvious task of a game. In order to destroy the monsters that are on the way to destroy the gate, you just need to run near them and your character will finish the rest by automatically attacking the enemy.

This is a pretty good mechanism and quite hands-free if you don’t want to keep clicking on the screen just to repeat an action. Depending on the weapon you use, the distance of the attack is different, if it is a bow and a crossbow, the distance for your character to automatically attack will be farther than when you use the sword. In addition, the game also gives you the skills to clear the monsters faster.

If you lose too much blood, you don’t need to worry, because the only thing you need to do is temporarily ‘’run’ from the monsters and the blood will gradually recover. However, you need to pay attention because if you run away the longer the monster will get bigger and closer to the gate. And as mentioned above, Defenders & Dragons provides a pretty good mechanism compared to a goalkeeper game, which is to build a military but to be able to use it in the most effective way is not a problem.



Many times you will have to be careful about whether to buy more cheap units but fast or save points for better units and higher damage. In order to decide this, you should consider which way to build your character. If you follow the archer path, then you will need units that are expensive but have damage as well as high resistance and do the opposite of the warrior’s path.


Throughout the game, you will be rewarded with money and soul for your soul bag and will use it to enter multiplayer mode and collect valuable items. This is quite necessary because the following levels will become harder and harder, especially when you are faced with seemingly impossible bosses.


Through the description above, you can easily recognize the first impression of Defenders & Dragons will be building troops, protecting a gate and competing with friends. If so, then surely you will find it really similar to the MOBA genre games and really anxious to download experience.


If you consider on one side, that’s right, Defenders & Dragons is quite similar to 1 MOBA game but you will fight on a 2D battlefield with countless monsters and accompany you as soldiers you leave Money out to buy and upgrade.

With a mobile game, the Defenders & Dragons graphics platform really exceeds the acceptable level. Weapons, attacks as well as characters, environments are quite detailed and smooth, making it difficult to find any minus points.

If not difficult, you can consider Defenders & Dragons as a miniature version of a MOBA game and this brings new breeze to the market of goalkeeper games that are gradually becoming saturated. This is really an extremely rewarding game.






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