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Death Road to Canada is immersive action Rocketcat LLC and Madgarden with humorous content and zombie design. The player controls a group of people together to fight the zombies, surviving the way to Canada’s paradise. Compared with other pixel graphics games, Death Road to Canada for Android is much more detailed. The game is well invested, utilizing lighting effects and emotions for players. Developers even allow players to create their own character. The zombies are well designed and different from each other. Smoothness in the experience is quite good, rarely freeze when the screen appears many characters.

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Death Road to Canada uses a narrative style in many words that appear on the screen. Players read and make choices to develop content. It is simple, but the decisions that make you confused. Those are always choices that are never easy. Especially, everything in the game is generated randomly by its own algorithm. So the experience is never overlapping and has a high replay value.

It means that the survival is the main feature of the game. You have to pick up the weapons at the stop points along the way. Besides, finding food, medicine for the characters and gasoline for the car. It is not easy. Running makes the character down. The more their food and medicine the characters spend, the more problems arise.

In addition to a lot of the character’s demand, the character also has a system to develop life skills. These skills have a great influence on the events of the game, even when companions betray you. Moreover, the environmental factors or emotions of the character inDeath Road to Canada Mod APK also have a great impact on their fighting ability. This is something you have to keep in mind if you do not want to take the unintended consequences.

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The gameplay is really impressive, but the biggest problem of Death Road to Canada (Mod Money) is by the control mechanism when exploring the screen and find inventory. The player controls the character by dragging the thumb in the lower left corner of the screen. To interact, click on the hand icon at the bottom right corner. Another touch button for you to switch to ranged weapons, such as guns. If you want to attack with a melee weapon, you just tap your hand anywhere on the right half of the screen.

The problem is that virtual analogs do not show up on the screen. Therefore, when people experience the tendency to push their thumbs toward the center of the screen, they hide their vision. Besides, characters often have to turn their face towards the attack, but it is difficult to change this direction in case you are attacked suddenly, especially during “Siege” events.

Play Time: You cannot complete the game in a short time. It will take you at least several hours to complete the game.

Playing object: If you expect a simple, easy zombie game, do not try Death Road to Canada. This is a Roguelike game, with high difficulty and requires players to use different skills if they want to survive, but this is probably the most attractive thing of this game with many players.


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