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Death Coming (MOD) brings players a whole new experience of being a Reaper, which was released by Flickering Myth. The game has quickly received over 1 million downloads on the Play Store.

Become a Reaper

Death Coming is set around a reaper, who has a mission of picking the soul of the people to hell. If it is too boring for mobile games on the theme of saving the world or playing the heroes fighting evil, Death Coming will bring a new experience to the player. In the game, you become the evil good – Reaper. Your task is searching for souls and bringing them to hell. Death Coming is a game released on PC by the end of 2017. Since the game was released, it has received a lot of positive reviews from the player through the Steam system. Therefore, Death Coming is now on the mobile platform for both iOS and Android. Death Coming attracts a large number of players thanks to its unique and innovative gameplay creation. In addition, its simple pixel and fun graphics make the players interesting like on Minecraft or Survival Craft.

Simple and funny gameplay

Death Coming’s plot is simple and easy to understand. The game begins with your death as a normal human being. At the moment when the soul is about to disappear, you make a deal with the death, he will retain your soul but you will have to work His job: finding souls. After that, you are immersed in a Death, who has the supreme power to decide the life and death of the human. Your only task is searching for souls, collecting them and sending them to the Hell. It sounds impressive.

However, the actual work is more difficult and humorous. You cannot directly kill anybody. To get their soul, you have to make some incidences for creating the most natural death of your target. That could be anything from moving a harmless vase, cutting off a rope, or even changing a traffic light… After that dead accidence, you can collect their souls. However, your work will not be easy because of the appearance of angels, who fly around. You need to do your job behind them, not to intervene to save your target’s life.

Simple Pixel Graphics

Death Coming uses simple Pixel graphics, which makes you think of other very successful Android games like Minecraft or Pixel Guns … There is not much to say about the graphics of the game because if you have played the games of the same genre, you will see Death Coming familiar. In which, the game is very detailed. The sound is also very simple with the soundtrack, collision sound or scream …

Death Coming (Mod APK ) is available for free on Android and iOS. Therefore, you can download the game by using the link below:


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