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Dead Rivals is one of the latest mobile game about the Zombie theme on Android platform, which has been released free by Gameloft in the Google Play Store. You guys also visit to get the latest version of Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO Mod APK. Have fun!

Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO Mod APK download for Android

If you want to find another version to play while waiting for FPS with third view angle – Fortnite, which is released on the PC by Epic Games. Dead Rivals by Gameloft is probably the perfect choice today. This Zombie-themed mobile game is a free MMORPG and available for free on Google Play.
According to Gameloft, Dead Rivals is a high-speed action game combining traditional MMORPG adventure in the first zombie ARPG game on the mobile platform. Whereby, players will be tried the vast world, customized heroes, built an arsenal and fierce PvP battlefield hegemony. Dead Rivals mod apk is still a real MMORPG, and players will be able to choose one of three unique characters and customize their appearance to start the adventure against the mad Zombies. The game is designed with a third view, mixed with action. Players have to fight against the Zombies with the weapons and equipment they have, and also find ways to rescue people from the pursuit of Zombie.

The main advantage of the game is that players will not be used weapons as comfortable as other games of the same type, you have to use ordinary objects to melee them while still saving money. Each bullet for the urgent situation. Gameloft has difficulty level up because the Zombie floods are extremely aggressive and extremely agile.

Dead Rivals also has a manufacturing and research system, as well as the option to improve dozens of weapons in the game. Besides, the multi-skill Chard allows you to choose the right fit according to each challenge quite quickly.

Because this is an MMO, players can combine with others to overcome challenges in the game, or only engage in fierce PvP battles. Besides, special cooperation missions are also available to players that include various targets such as Escape the Infested Area, Escort Confederate Caravan, or Pursuit of Assault.
As for those who prefer to play solo mode, Gameloft is expected to provide complete MMORPG-style task system, allowing you to focus on the main story or perform many side quests.

Additionally, beautiful and colorful 3D graphics accompanied with “crazy” sound effects are also a strong attraction to players of the Dead Rivals mod money for Android.


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