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Dead Rain New Zombie Virus is a runner game similar to Crashbot. But in this game, your task is to run and shoot to kill enemies, fast-paced games bring a very interesting experience for the player. The new mobile game has just been launched by Tiny Devbox – developer from Korea, which is famous for many quality games on mobile. Dead Rain New Zombie Virus is sold on Play Store for $ 1.99. But with the full mod game shared by apkgalaxy, you can download and play completely free.

Download Dead Rain New Zombie Virus Mod APK latest/update

The game is set in the world of a dangerous virus after a strange rain. The poisoned people quickly became alienated and transformed into zombies. These zombies’ characteristics were sprouting trees, unrelenting rains make the tree growing rapidly and increasingly dangerous. You and a few others are lucky enough not to be exposed to radiation. However, now everyone will be the target of zombies attack, players will be armed with their characters.

Player will have two main weapons used include:

  • Gun: Suitable for offensive zombies with high damage
  • Sword: This is the most effective melee weapon that you can defeat zombies with just one slash.

Enter the game, you will be embodied in a character with the task of finding your daughter and those who have lost during the rush to escape. Along the way, you have to confront a lot of zombies. By eliminating the zombies that appear, through the Stage, players will discover more about the storyline and the secrets behind the poison rain that turns people into zombies.

Dead Rain New Zombie Virus Key Mod Features:

  • Unconditionally upgrade items! No stars!

Game Features:

  • Many interesting levels with different maps.
  • Weapon systems include guns, swords, hammers … you can also upgrade easily
  • Survival gameplay with high difficulty.
  • Customize your own fighting style with a combination of different weapons and items.
  • Impressive graphics, images, sound quality deliver a great experience.

In particular, in the latest mod version of this game that we share with you, the game has been full mod gold, diamonds, bullets. You can still buy even when the money runs out.


  • Android 4.1+ support
  • No root needed
  • Size: 36MB


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