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DayGram for Android is a simple diary application, offering the e-ink experience to the users. By taking note every daily activity on DayGram, you will see that blogging is very funny.

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Daily diary writing not only improves your communication skills but also helps you evaluate your work and find ways to accomplish them. However, not everyone is interested in this way because they think it is boring, time-consuming, even afraid of writing. DayGram for Android will make you change that mindset completely.

Unlike other sophisticated blogging applications on the Play Store, the DayGram design for Android is intuitive and friendly. You can write everything good or bad, special events, thinkings, experiences, impressions, news, names, jokes… DayGram for Android is like a “mind mate” or “pillow hug”, “sandbag” that you pour down everything. Try and see how you feel when you write your diary when downloading DayGram APK.


The highlight feature of the DayGram – diary application for Android


  • Daily journaling: Users can record or edit the log of the day if they click the “+” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Record past events: Unlogged days will be marked, by touching them, you can rewrite past events.
  • Log search: If you scroll your main page with your fingers, a search browser will display to find the diary that was written.
  • Delete logs: Keep tapping on the log that you want to delete to display the delete menu.
  • Select Year and Month: Users can select the year or month in the button to the left of the plus sign on the homepage
  • View as the story: Tap the right side of the plus button on the homepage, the application switches to “Story View” mode. You can see the whole diary here.
  • Move to the current month: If you tap the plus sign underneath the homepage, the app will take you to the Timeline this month.
  • Preview: Users can choose to preview 1 or 2 lines in the setting folder.
  • Mark time: When writing the journal, touch the “time stamp” button, it will mark the current time.

If you have problems or ideas for developing the complete applications, publishers are looking forward to receiving user feedback via “”

Generally, DayGram APK is a smart blog not only save memories, memories in life but also improve your writing skills. DayGram for Android is now available on the Play Store for $ 0.88.


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