DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor

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DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor- a new action-RPG for Android, released by Auer Media & Entertainment. The mod version of the game is available at our website so you can download game for free by the link below.

DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor Mod APK for Android

The game brings you to a mysterious world of magic and evil. The Dark Lord is revived with the demons, they attack the earth and kill humanity, you will become a hero who will destroy the lord of darkness and bring peace to mankind. To complete this difficult mission, you will have to adventure through the lands, Face to face the evils, destroy the giant bosses …

DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor mod features:

  • Unlimited money
  • Full heroes unlocked
  • Massive Damage

DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor brings a huge mission system, where you can take a long time to complete them. In return, the player will receive rewards worthy, namely Golds, or unlock new Heroes cards.
In a battle, players can select up to 4 heroes, you can switch between the heroes to attack or defend, you only need to pay attention to the attributes of the opponent to choose the appropriate heroes, you will win. The combat system in the game is very detailed, you can use the two keys A and B to attack the enemies, repeatedly hit to create different skills.

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Currently, the game offers more than 20 heroes for you to unlock and select, here is information about some heroes that appear in the game. (You guys can download the game and open the ‘Heroes Card’ tab for full view):

  • Fallen Lady Haley: A defensive Hero who uses a dash attack to approach the enemy and unleashes successive attacks
  • Imperial Officer Anis: A icy Swordsman who sprints to approach the enemies quickly and freezes them
  • Kensai Kotetsu: A Samurai who has several chasing skills to attack enemies at various distances
  • Rogue Xinuo: A Rogue who has a variety of agile attacks, defeats enemies with speed and skills
  • Wind Bringer Diva: A Martial Artist who controls the wind, critical strike has a chance to cause huge damage
  • Dancer Kikyou: A support who can provide allies with damage reduction and enhance their HP limit
  • Ice Crystal Angel Feilin: A crowd control Hero who uses the frozen skills to cause extra damage
  • Red Queen Monica: A flame Mage who attacks short-range, but powerful
  • Orc Princess Marle: A combat fighter who attacks to burn with a chance, and accumulates Ulitamte faster
  • Night clan Simon: A swordsman who gains boosted affects when HP>50%. Uses a bloodsucking skill to restore HP.
  • Witch Grage: A range mage who plays the target to death with slow, and other effects
  • Legend Herman: A brave who has many ranged chasing attacks and team healing skills
  • And many more…

Game Features:

  • A fantasy world with hundreds of different missions
  • Select your heroes and join the battle
  • More than 20 heroes card to unlock
  • Various game modes
  • Daily tasks with great rewards
  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Fight the dangerous Boss
  • Connect with friends around the world

You can download DawnBreak: The Flaming Emperor mod APK for free by using the link below, the game requires at least 1Gb Ram and Android 5.0 or later. Have fun!


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