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Darkness Rises MOD APK download for Android/iOS

Recently, Darkness Rises is one of the super games, which has been attracted so many players, was launched by Nexon in the English version. Darkness Rises, formerly known as Dark Avenger 3, was released in November 2016. Before launching the English version, the game was launched in July in Korea. However, the English version of the game was only released in April 2018.
Like previous versions, Darkness Rises continues to bring great gaming experiences on mobile when it has beautiful 3D graphics, RPG gameplay combining action. The game is released for free on Android and iOS. Therefore, you can visit the link below to download the game now.

Graphics and controls

The graphics feature of Darkness Rises is definitely one of the strongest points. According to the publisher, Dark Avenger 3 is built on high-quality 3D graphics using Unreal Engine 4 (the latest). The world in the game is built in the classic style. The colour is quite dark, which is perfectly suited to the plot and context of the game. Because of Unreal Engine 4, though the game is played on mobile devices, Darkness Risesmang feels like it is being played on PC. You need at least 1GB of free memory to install the game.

Like many other ARPG products on the mobile platform, the control mechanism of Darkness Rises is no difference. The player can control the character with the virtual key on the touchscreen combined with the auto system. The role-playing game will bring players the battle with a lot of strong monsters.

Choose your Heroes

The character system of Darkness Rises consists of four main classes, including Warrior, Wizard, Berserker and Assassin. Each character class possesses a specific skill set and plays different roles in each battle. In addition, Darkness Rises also allows players to customize the appearance of almost all characters, which is a highlight of the games of the same genre. Not only does it allow you to customize your hair, face, and character with the built-in templates, but it also allows you to customize the size of your body parts. The skills of the character can be upgraded for make more damage to the enemy. Sometimes, these skills can affect other heroes such as HP and Mana buffing. Character selection is also very important. Although you play as your hobbies, you can choose which character you want to control. Each hero plays a specific role in each battle. Combining heroes to fight and support is the most important thing if you want to win the game.


In addition to the powerful graphics upgrading, the biggest difference in Darkness Rises is probably the view of the game. In the two previous versions, the character view is limited from the top down. In Darkness Rises, players will have a very impressive experience thanks to the camera, which is designed in the third view with 2 modes, near and far. You can change the mode to suit your style. In addition, Darkness Rises allows players to gain and ride on the bosses or monsters that you have defeated at that level. There will be monsters, destroy a fierce dragon, and use revival magic to revive him as your mount. With all the new skill sets and increased damage, it is easy to kill all opponents and complete the game. In addition to the basic elements of the role-playing game such as boss hunting, PvP arena, building and upgrading equipment, Darkness Rises also has a unique Guild System, in which players can participate in one team for supporting each other to fight or join the boss hunt.


Darkness Rises has been released English version by Nexon in several countries. If your country is not yet available, you do not worry too much because we have updated the APK download link, which you can access, download and install the game for free.


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