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Dancevil – New music game from Com2us for Android and iOS

Dancevil is the latest game from Com2uS, which was released on both Android and iOS platforms. The game brings a whole new experience to players when bringing them into a world of fun music. In which, players can freely express themselves with their own dancing. It can be said that music is always an integral part of our lives, which is also the topic for the developers and users. It gives the gamers the most entertaining game in terms of listening and watching. That is the reason why Com2uS (publisher of Summoners War) has announced that they are launching a new mobile music superstar called Dancevil. The game is a mobile sandbox game, which allows players to produce and share their own music and dance creations.

Fun gameplay – impressive graphics

Dancevil takes the player into a bustling city where people communicate with each other through music and dancing. Besides, in the game, you do not only dance, Dancevil brings so many interesting tasks to help you discover this lovely and colourful world. It will be another great Com2us entertainment that you should not miss.
In fantasy fictional world of Dancevil, the city is divided into separate areas, in which players will be explored during the game. The graphics of the game is very bright, suitable for a music game. The sound quality is also carefully invested by Com2us. The characters in the game are simple and funny designing with big heads, limbs, which are simplified as Stickman characters. Besides, the players are also comfortable customizing their character such as hair colour, clothes, accessories… At present, Com2uS has started pre-beta registration for all gamers around the world. When registering, players can get too many goodies to buy equipment for their character.

A Mobile Sandbox game

The concept of a mobile sandbox game is not so popular. In the game, you can create your dance moves, music and share it with the world. Through Dancevil, gamers will be able to create high-quality music and all kinds of dancing with the great features, which allow to control and adjust the character movements. In fact, with Dancevil, players can create and share their own music with the gaming community. You will transform into cute characters and create unique moves. You just control the character body and create unique dance moves on your own musical background. You also have to find the right instrument for the melody. In Dancevil, you are the creator of your own game.

How to download Dancevil  on Android and iOS

Dancevil is expected to launch globally at the end of this year. Interested readers can join the registration first. All the latest information about the game will be updated to you in the following article.

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