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Uploaded:September 3rd, 2017
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Welcome to Cytus music world! You will enjoy the most timeless melodies, the best in all genres with simple touch gestures, and also look at the beautiful hand-drawn photo.

Download Cytus Mod Money full APK latest for Android

Despite being a music game, Cytus (Mod Money) still has a compelling story. In the future, creatures in the world were just robots. They were the last surviving individuals with a human soul. However, humanity was not dead.
The technology was able to transfer memories to these robots. But with limited memory space, new memories will gradually overwrite the old. To help the emotions of human memory fade, the robots figure out how to convert emotions to music and store the melody in a place called Cytus.
The robots used songs to sustain human emotions and dreamed that souls always exist in them.

How to play Cytus?

  • Black line tracking Active Scan Line moves continuously from the top to the bottom of the screen and vice versa.
  • Click on the round buttons when the horizontal line. If you do not play quickly enough, the round will explode as if you miss a beat.
  • When you click right in the middle of the circle on the horizontal line, the player gets a higher score.

The highlights of the music game Cytus for Android:

  • 200 songs and 400 variations are from famous musicians around the world.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn style.
  • Easy, intuitive and 3-way Active Scan Line system.
  • Different display modes allow the player to preview the notes.
  • Good beat
  • More than 9 challenging levels but lots of fun.
  • Various genres of music include Pop, Jazz, Trance, Hardcore, Drum’n bass, etc.
  • Connect with Facebook and show your Cytus skills.

As a music game, Cytus does not focus too much on difficulty or catches players thinking. Cytus’s goal is to bring the most relaxed moments. The player will perform simple claw tactile manipulations while enjoying great tunes.

Cytus Mod APK for Android is the best music game on mobile in Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, which shows the excitement and special appeal of this app. Download Cytus mod APK latest version and enjoy it!


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