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PUBG is dominating the world game charts with its unique Battle Royale gameplay. So this game has created a whole new trend, with a lot of mobile games with imitation content. However, perhaps because of “too serious” in following the PUBG that these games are less attractive and can not make a breakthrough. But Cuisine Royale (APK) makes a difference. Although Cuisine Royale to the gaming community on June 16, 1818, it has quickly become the most impressive game on the gaming forums. Let’s learn a bit about its exciting things in the following article.

The context

Cuisine Royale 1.1.1 has just opened for the last few days, but it has made an impressive hit, attracting the massive amount of the gamers’ attention because Cuisine Royale has a harmonious combination of elements: aggressive, fierce in a comedy context, highly entertaining. In the game, you get the perfect feeling in a true and fun survival game style, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This is a special feature of Cuisine Royale that you will not find out in any other game.

The attraction of Cuisine Royale is also doubled when the game publisher – Darkflow Software has implemented incentives for gamers to celebrate the birth of the game. The offer is from June 16 until the end of June 25. You can download the game for free. After June 25, the game downloads will be charged. So, this is a great time for you to download the game and experience the fun, humorous and attractive features.

The unique background and character

Cuisine Royale is like the other Battle Royale games when the ultimate goal is to become the last survivor. However, Cuisine Royale owns an exceptional Loot system, where you will discover it as a real survival game. The items in Cuisine Royale are based on items in everyday life and in the kitchen. Instead of using armour and hats as in PUBG, you will have to find and use items such as pans, bowls, forks … to protect your body from attacking the enemy.

Yes, Game Cuisine Royale has made a breakthrough as a survival game set in the kitchen. It will be fun when you have to take items such as pots, pans, forks to fight for survival. With its crisp 3D graphics, vivid graphics, realistic character and animated scenery in every detail of the game, Cuisine Royale has given the player an exhilarating feeling, which is the best game in the early summer of 2018.


Currently, the game is in the ten days free download period, so you can quickly complete the game loading and start the special battle in the kitchen. Cuisine Royale APK does not require the high configuration and big memory capacity so you can download and play games smoothly on Android, desktop, laptop or tablet.

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