Counter Storm: Endless Combat Mod

Uploaded:January 12th, 2018
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Counter Storm: Endless Combat is a game targeting players in high-speed action as well as in conjunction with the right technique to bring great advantage to yourself.

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Set in the post-apocalyptic scene, in which the survivors have to fight for the rest of food, the only one person will survive. You will simulate the mercenaries, who are looking for opportunities at this war time.

Counter Storm: Endless Combat is not as many individual skills as the shooter series, but instead, it is the way to build characters. Most especially, it does not use the first or third person view, Counter Storm: Endless Combat selected for their top-down view, which is similar to the MOBA game. In addition to possessing basic skills, the character also has a Talent table. The players after each level can increase the point to suit for their own playstyle.

Like the traditional MOBA hero system, Counter Storm: Endless Combat Mod is also equipped with a special skill set. However, you will have the opportunity to pick up a number of new special weapons or accessories to complement his characters such as ambulance, ammunition, or grenades. Terrain also plays an important role in the game when you will be able to hide or shoot in explosive barrels to inflict much damage on nearby enemies.

Featuring 3D graphics with beautiful effects, the game brings the same ARPG control mechanism on the mobile phone with the analog left-hander and the right-hand press keys. However, every operation in the game is very smooth, flexible.

Counter Storm: Endless Combat is just released on Android platform, you can download the game with the link below to experience.


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