Connect Animal Clasic

Connect Animal Classic 2020 – Classic animal matching game the most standard version

Uploaded: June 10th, 2020
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Connect Animal Classic 2020 – Classic animal matching game the most standard version

If You are FAN of game Pikachu on PC, you are searching that game on your mobile, then Connect Animal Classic 2020 is the best choice for you.

Connect Animal Classic 2020 is a game based on the legendary PC classic Pikachu Classic, built with a sharp character system, high resolution Full HD but retains features and interesting points like the Pikachu Classic game

Connect Animal Clasic

Connect Animal Classic 2020 is extremely attractive, from graphic design to content, it promises to bring you extremely new and exciting experiences. Are you ready to conquer the challenge? Join now!

There are 2 modes of play that match the interests and abilities of each player in Connect Animal Classic is Classic and Extend. Both modes are time-limited, so try to focus your observations to complete the challenge quickly. With each game mode, you can choose easy, medium or hard to start levels.

Connect Animal Clasic

HOW TO PLAY Onet Connect Animal ?

✓ Remove 2 animal with the same kind which can be connected within 3 lines.

✓ Remove all animals before time up.

✓ Attend to number at top left corner: LIVE, when there is no pair on the board, all animals will change position and LIVE will be reduced by 1.

✓Gameover when time is up or LIVE = 0

✓You will have the help turn at the top of the screen, click on it to use and can view ads to increase help if needed.

Features of the game:

– There are 2 modes: Classic and extended

– There are functions to help, suggestions

– Pause when busy

– Automatically save the game to continue playing when you want

– Automatically save intelligent points

– Adjustable background music, and music effects

– Friendly interface, easy to play

– Suitable for every player

– Download size extremely light

There are a lot of other interesting things waiting for you to explore in Connect Animal Classic, what are you waiting for without downloading immediately and conquering the extremely attractive challenges. Play and experience!

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