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On weekends, if you are usually free, you should try an exciting mobile game with the kids at home. Poly Artbook is one of the few mobile games that you should play with the kids. The game is released on Android and iOS by Playgendary. From the name of the game, you can easily guess its theme. That is painting. Color by Number – Poly Art helps you to discover a painting Artbook which contains all the topics. Your task is to paint on them and create more interesting things.

Poly Artbook for Android – unique art game on Android

As mentioned, Color by Number – Poly Art brings you a lot of paintings. In which, your task is to colour them. The method is very simple and easy to understand. The picture appears on the screen is assembled by a lot of small triangular pieces with the series numbered. Below is a list of pieces that you need to use. Your task is to just drag them to the right place on the photo, fill all the pieces of the puzzle to complete your work. The pictures in Poly Artbook are arranged from easy to difficult. There are only a few pieces that you have to graft. However, with the difficulty levels, that number can be more and no limitation. You can choose any photo that you want and complete it at any level.

Finally, you can share them on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or send directly via SMS. You do not forget to use the #PolyArtbook hashtag so that people can easily find your photos.

Explore the world through 3D Arts

There are many ways to explore the world through pictures, and Color by Number – Poly Art is one of them. Poly Artbook brings you over 100 different 3D paintings for gamers to beautify and explore. The theme of the photos is very familiar. They are things around you like teapots, cars, motorcycles, trees or even a whale. It is like abstract works that you often see in paintings. In general, if you want to get your kids familiar with the items and animals around, Poly Artbook is a good option because you cannot always look after it and explain to them.

The music and images

Images are the best feature in the game. Poly Art’s paintings make me think of abstract artwork. It is hard to imagine that they are composed of triangles with many colours. Although after putting the last piece in the picture, it will appear. You will be surprised because it is really impressive.
The sound in the game is great. You will enjoy the gentle background music, which is classical. You can customize the volume of the sound in the settings of the game.

Mod features:

  • Free Purchases
  • Free unlock Hints

Download Poly Artbook game on your phone

Color by Number – Poly Art is a simple and fun game. With no plot or character, all the Poly Art brings to you, which are unique paintings, showing all aspects of the life. The game is released for free on Android and iOS. You can visit the link that we provide to download the game now.


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