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Color Fill 3D  – Colors for life

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Color Fill 3D  Colors for life

After a hard day of work or study, your brain needs a game that doesn’t need to focus too much or think too much for entertainment. Color Fill 3D can be a great choice for you. You do not need to think too much to complete challenges in this game. So, your brain will feel more comfortable just by moving a block around the grid to paint it according to your color by swiping on the screen.

The main goal of this game is to complete the coloring challenge on different nets. In the Color Fill 3D, you must fill a series of grids with your color. You will become a colored square and can go in any direction. The player controls will swipe to navigate to his square. Any net that comes in contact with the square will automatically turn into your color. Although Color Fill 3D is a simple game and does not take too much thought, players also need to have certain skills and tips to quickly overcome challenges.

Color Fill 3D

You can completely redirect at any time in the process of painting grid arrays. This means that it still changes the direction of travel even when it is being moved in one direction. Thus, you will quickly avoid other colored blocks.

You can outline a shape to instantly fill its middle part with your color. You should avoid painting separately because it will reduce the speed of challenge completion. For more difficult challenges and many obstacles, you must find ways to avoid them. Because if you contact them you will lose. The fastest way to color your arena is to go to the outer edge of the arena. The rest inside will be automatically colored by you. This is a very useful tip to help you save a lot of time.

Usually, You will encounter different colored squares other than themselves. If you come into contact with it, you will become a loser and have to start over. It can be said, this is one of the most frequently encountered obstacles. In order to win these challenges, players must create their own color zones and turn them into their colors, you win the game.

Color Fill 3D

To be able to quickly win this game without having to start over, You must think and find a way to color the grid fully. Players only need to create your color parts in their paths whenever they move out of the way and they will be destroyed in their return journey. Players can completely destroy other blocks of color by surrounding them with their colors, however, this is very poor and easy to make you lose.

Surrounding to destroy other colored blocks is an easy task. Therefore, the player can create walls for them to crash into and break. This can both help you safely and destroy the difficult obstacles.

Changing your color will make the player feel much more excited when experiencing Color Fill 3D. To get new colors, players need to use the gems they earn when passing each challenge. Try to go through as many levels as possible to gain more gems and bring in more new colors. It makes the game really refreshing and more attractive.

Color Fill 3D

Color Fill 3D brings extremely simple graphics but no less luxurious. It can be said that the graphics of this game do not attract young players but once you have entered the Color Fill 3D, it is difficult for you to leave your phone. Its simplicity carries an enigmatic intrigue that keeps players playing and going through levels.

You can download Color Fill 3D for free on Google Play Store. But that’s because it’s a free game so it’s hard to avoid having an ad during the game. You can disconnect from the internet to not see ads during play. However, Color Fill 3D is still a game that will keep you entertained by the fatigue of its simplicity.


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