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Collect Cubes – Joyful game

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Collect Cubes – Joyful game

Collect Cubes is a block collecting game developed by Clown Games. Go block and collect! Collect cube! You must collect and go through all the cubes to pass the level! Can you achieve to collect all cubes? Humor, time elapsed and satisfied game collection!

Collect Cubes does exactly what it says on the tin. You play as a giant horseshoe and have to zoom around a variety of levels collecting all cubes and bringing them back to your base. Doing so makes all cubes the same colour as you, which marks them as collected.

Collect CubesCollect Cubes

Admittedly, there’s not an awful lot of challenge involved with Collect Cube. It’s a pretty zen experience overall – cleaning up cubes can be quite cathartic. There’s no time limit, rarely any obstacles, and no bad guys to fight.

However, every five or 10 levels or so you do have to tackle a bonus round, which showers you with rewards for collecting a bunch of blocks within a time limit. This is where your skills will be put to the test, as you strive to collect as many as you can in a short period.

In Collect Cubes, you have to gather up all of the coloured cubes in a horseshoe and drag them back to your base. Collect them all and you’ll complete the level, earning rewards for doing so and moving onto the next. The more cubes you collect, the more rewards you earn.

Collect CubesCollect Cubes

While you’ll usually just slide your thumb around the screen to move the horseshoe, we recommend swiping to go faster during bonus rounds. Swipe continuously in the direction you want the horseshoe to go and you’ll be surprised at the pace you can pick up.

In each round, collecting three shapes is the maximum you can comfortably hope for. Your goal is to collect all the shapes in three shapes each time and if you fall in just a short time, you still complete the job well.

Collect Cubes

Remember that horseshoes are bigger in bonus rounds, that’s good because it helps you collect multiple blocks at once, but it has a bad ability when you can push the cubes into hard-to-reach locations. When you get at least 1,000 gold, you can unlock new horseshoes.

Collect Cubes is a casual game for you to relax and relieve stress. How far can you go in the block collecting game? Start playing the most relaxing game ever!


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