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Uploaded: September 28th, 2017
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In the game Codex of Victory, players will find a way to conquer the whole planet. This is a turn-based strategy game for Android with a lot of fierce battles and various strategies for players.

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Conquering the other planets is a future thing at the real-time because we still have many difficulties when we leave our planet. However, we can envision the galactic empire battling for supremacy in the solar systems, especially when war is a frequent occurrence in the universe. Such clashes are often very fierce.

Codex of Victory is a turn-based strategy game for Android that helps players train their patience and devise new ways to defeat enemies. During gameplay, players should use a variety of strategy. Codex of Victory Android is based on the following main idea: Players must skillfully use action points to deploy troops, attack enemies, and gather resources around the map. Of course, there is a relatively important thing that the player needs to do that is to find a good balance for everything because focusing on something is not a good thing at all. Accordingly, players cannot win if they forget to exploit resources or are not focused enough on commanding their troops. Action Points are a very important element in turn-based strategy games.

Increase action points to gain the advantage:

As mentioned above, the action point is the most important element in the Codex of Victory game as this is what helps players do everything when the battle begins. Players can fight for advantage by getting points on the map. In the process of doing this, the player also increases the number of action points received in each turn, then they can be expanded or attacked multiple times. Codex of Victory (Mod APK) in the game map is very attractive. The graphics of this game look quite colorful, including many meticulous details but not too memorable.

After all, we can see that the strategy game for Android-Codex of Victory is being developed in the right direction with attractive gameplay that you can play back and enjoy. If more new content and more troops are upgraded and deployed, Codex of Victory’s turn-based strategy game can easily make players explore more and more.


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