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Codename SOC – Battle Royale game project with Tencent’s new zombie epidemic

Tencent has just officially revealed a new game of Survival with a Zombie theme with a super-heavy graphics background, called Codename SOC.
The game genre of Battle Royale is dominating the game world at the moment, typically games like PUBG or Fortnite are occupying a unique position on the rankings for a long time. Tencent Games has partnered with many major game developers to launch big game projects. These include the cooperation project between Tencent and Activision to launch the official Call of Duty Mobile version called Call of Duty: Legends of War. Then Capcom is very knowledgeable when cooperating with Tencent to launch Zombie Mode, event play mode for PUBG Mobile, free version of PUBG on iOS and Android.
Next momentum success, Tencent has just officially revealed the title of new game Survival with the Zombie theme and a super graphics background.

Download Codename SOC – Battle Royale android/ios 2019

Codename SOC - Battle Royale1

This is the game that brings the expectations of a PC super product to Mobile. Since the context, gameplay to graphics, Codename SOC really makes people overwhelmed with the first trailer segment. Similar to LifeAfter, the game for single players in a post-world posture is blurred by a deadly zombie. In the world of death, gamers will have to do everything to ensure their lives. From collecting food and drink, to building defense and making defensive weapons … all will contribute to your own journey of survival.

Codename SOC - Battle Royale1

Of course you will not be completely single on that journey, but will be supported by other survivors, thereby creating outposts or a base system.
However, despite having everything in your hand is still not safe before the bloodthirsty Zombie herd. Unlike the different types of heterosexuals from other titles, the Codename SOC brings more life-enhancing forms of corpses. Whether they have high walls or electric fences they can step on each other like ant colonies, even crawling on the roof of the roof towards the player. Therefore Codename SOC will certainly bring an extreme stress experience without any Game Zombie titles made on Mobile. There is currently no official release date.

Codename SOC - Battle Royale

Codename SOC – Battle Royale APK Feature:

  • Developed by Unreal Engine
  • 2 years development
  • Android / Ios platform (Please wait for download)
  • It’s the interference between LifeAfter and Days Gone Third view

Codename SOC - Battle Royale1222221222

Codename SOC - Battle Royale1222221222 Codename SOC - Battle Royale1222221222

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