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Clone Evolution: War of the Mutants 1.3.7 Mod

Uploaded:April 2nd, 2019
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WHAT’S NEW Clone Evolution: War of the Mutants 1.3.7 Mod Apk

1. Newly Added Guild Instance and Guild Technology
2. Camp resistance, camp restrain and immunity shield will be effective on dot damage
3. New achievement rewards(Dungeon avatar) for dungeon
4. New DNA skills for Wind of Fury, The Scorpion King and the Evil Hunter
5. Now variation characteristic in DNA will appear camp resistance
6. Adjusted the cold time of rejoin Guilds

Clone Evolution is a 2D graphics mobile game themed strategy card that is developed by Feelingtouch Inc. Clone Evolution: War of the Mutants draws attention because it is not based on a certain historical context, instead, it creates a fictitious world with a unique character system from different eras. Simultaneously, it creates a sense of cool, casual graphic design style, ensuring a fun experience for players.

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Accordingly, the game takes place in the distant future as cloned reproduction technology has grown tremendously, many famous celebrities in history have been revived with new life in this world. Under the command of a criminal syndicate named F-Tec – this artificial army wants to step into the gradual emergence of the world. But they faced stiff competition from the nations of the world after the technology was stolen from the F-Tec headquarters, from which they created their own counterparts against the F- Tec. And a world-wide war took place.

As per the above, Clone Evolution technology allows players to meet and recruit celebrities in history into their own army. It could be President Abraham Lincoln of the United States or even heads of state like Putin or scientist Einstein illustrated. Each character has his or her own set of skills as well as an intriguing or upgraded system. With a collection of nearly 100 unlockable characters, you’ll spend a lot of time with Clone Evolution Mod APK that we provided!

In terms of gameplay, Clone Evolution (Mod Money) has a mixture of elements from card genre, turn-based strategy, RPG, or MOBA. In which players can recruit many different characters to arrange the battle. Although the battle process is completely automatic and you only need to select the right time to use the technique only, the strategic element plays an important role. This requires the player to arrange and coordinate well to win, how to put pressure on the enemy effectively.

In addition to the basic PVE content and not much different from the same products, the PVP system of the game is very interesting and worth mentioning. If you are confident enough, you can arrange your own deck and run into arena battles to compete with other players around the world and receive great bonuses.


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