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The latest update to Clash of Lords 2 seems to have satisfied gamers’ expectations as the developer added new heroes and more advanced skills to enhance the character. What are you waiting for? Quick download and install Clash of Lords 2: New Age Mod apk on the device to experience it.
Like other tactical games, players will play the role of a ringleader, who have to recruit more powerful heroes for additional assistance in building a military. In a hurry! Even if you do excellently, you can also participate in the Lords League championship, where you will compete against other rivals to win more trophies and other prizes for the Lords.

Clash of Lords 2: New Age Mod APK update/latest for Android

At the same time, similar to the other games from the same released agency, Clash of Lords 2 has outstanding graphics quality. Characters, backgrounds, fighting images are animated, rather funny, but equally realistic and engaging.
In particular, Clash of Lords 2 also supports a Facebook fan page where players can keep up to date on free promotions, events, and gifts in the game. You do not want to miss out on attractive gifts, limited quantities and just a short chat from Clash of Lords 2.
If you are a fan of tower defense games, you definitely can not miss Clash of Lords 2 mod. Get your hands on this Android game and show off your clever strategy.

Video introduces Clash of Lords 2 for Android:

The highlights of Clash of Lords 2 for Android

  • Dive into the world of Clash of the Lords 2 and show your wisdom by directing the heroes in real-time matches.
  • The new Mercenary mode gives the player more enjoyable experience: in Clash of Lords 2, you can combine heroes and an army to create an inviolable team. With this combination, players will have more opportunities to expand their resources.
  • Simple and addictive gameplay: You can leapfrog from the military training stage to the recruiting and controlling troops in fierce confrontations.
  • The player can choose the hero to add to his own forces from a list of the mighty warriors, which is available in the game. Each heroes own different abilities and talents. You can choose a good heroes, suitable for your strategy and pocket money.
  • Join the exciting events in the game to win an attractive prize: You can conquer the League of Lords League, which can be the best in the Resources Raid race. You also can be very stable in the Solo Campaigns. The most exciting thing is getting the gold medal in Hero Arena.
  • Players can invite their friends to join the Clash of Lords 2, set up guilds and experience the same exciting feeling that this game brings.

Features of Clash of Lords 2 mod:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems

Download Clash of Lords 2: New Age Mod APK at to your Android device and play games every day for a chance to receive free jade and hires.


How to recruit heroes

At the beginning of the game, players will be provided with a giant, enough to be able to overcome some of the initial battles. After winning the battles, depending on your achievements you will be rewarded with heroes. In addition, players are also allowed to choose limited players.
The heroes in the Clash of Lords 2 for Android are divided into four levels: normal, good, rare and epic. The last two types are the most powerful generals and are also the most choosing. But you do not worry about if you only have mid-range or basic abilities. Because, in addition to the power, your control also plays a big role in the victory. After having enough resources, the player only needs to upgrade the hero as desired to possess the stronger soldiers.

How to use Gems

At the beginning, you will receive quite a lot of gems (over 500 gems ). However, the player will realize that the above number is not worth. You will soon spend the pearls on building bases, defensive systems or buying resources to feed troops. In addition, players have to use jade to resurrect the heroes and hire workers to build his base as well.
But you do not worry so much because Clash of Lords 2 also supports a few ways to help players earn back gems . For example, you might participate in the competition for prizes. Especially, in surviving tournaments, players kill more and more opponents. This is the chance to get back items to your inventory.

How to use Ring

The ring is a currency, which is used to buy cards and upgrade heroes. So Ring is quite precious and favored in Clash of Lords 2. To earn a Ring, you need to participate in battles and be required to win a new ring. At the same time, the player also has the right to exchange the gems into the ring.
The more time you play, your opponent will be stronger and harder. To ensure the win, the best players should hold in the hands of the highest rank: rare and epic. That is when you need a lot of rings in your hands. It is never necessary to collect and use the Ring properly from the beginning.

How to build your base

Each building has its own purpose, do not waste of resources. For example, if you want to train a mighty army, then you have to have a Hero Hall and a Guild Hall in your base. In addition, if you want to own the best defensive system, players need to equip mortars, cannons and sniper towers for their base.
Besides the military buildings, the civil architecture also plays a small role. In particular, if there are more shackles for workers then you have the right to employ more workers. Thereby, it helps you speed up construction. Similarly, the more gold you build, the more your army budget will raise up and have the resources to continue the fight.

How to fight

On the defensive side, the player must ensure that he has the strong defensive system that is capable of blocking attacks from afar. As mentioned above, equipment such as mortars, cannons or snipers plays an important role in the strength of a defense system.
On the other hand, with the role of attacking, you need to ensure that you use the human resources accurately. The player will assign a few heroes to reach the enemy base. When the battle is in a critical phase, the player will use a gems /energy weapon to increase the combat strength of the hero. This tactical tactic can help you achieve the final victory.
In a few other campaigns, players may have to use different tactics: attack the enemy from behind, hit the enemy’s weakness. It is important that before each battle you should conduct a thorough investigation of your opponent, “know who knows me, hundred battle hundred wins.”

How to level up the heroes

The player has two different sets of abilities: active skill and passive skill. In it, active skills are abilities that you can use at any time and you can use Ring to upgrade those skills. On the thẻ hand, passive skill will help enhance the heroes ability of the heroes, making it easier for players to win in battles. However, you are not the only one who knows about these skills, so winning depends on how you use these skills.


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