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Clash of Kings is one of the best strategy games on Android, has updated to the latest version with many interesting additions with more than 50 million downloads. Clash of Kings is the space that you fight to build empires and rule the seven kingdoms. If you love multiplayer PvP or multiplayer online games, surely you can not miss Clash of Kings. In this game, you will build the empire, defend the castle and conquer other nation to survive. Download the Clash of Kings mod to experience this great on your smartphone or tablet right now!

Clash of Kings Mod Update/Latest for Android

In the Clash of Kings, players will build their own castle, train and arrange their armies to conquer and unite the seven kingdoms. Clash of Kings is fascinating from the start with the defense, the fortress, … from ancient England, where makes your dream of a lord of large lands, the mighty army, the treasures with abundant resources, … come reality.

Clash of King mod apk– This vast expanse of land is being fought by greedy people, domineering and brutal empires; civil wars only end completely when the seven kingdoms are united. Each player involved in the game will have an ancient fortress of his own, but in fact, this castle is “dying” after being swept by enemies, no food, soldiers or anything but an empty fortress. Players have to recover the kingdom from nothing.

In the Clash of Kings, players can fight against friends and other warriors from around the world. To win the battle in Clash of Kings mod version, players have to use their skills and intelligence in the best way to survive. The game allows players to create and join alliances so that they can share resources and help each other to complete missions. Besides playing together, players from the same team can attack each other and win the final prize for the team they have won. Gamers need to choose partners wisely and know who is trustworthy and who is not.

Clash of Kings Game requires you to manage resources wisely, even on the battlefield. After building an army, players can search for resources on the map and try to get them. As you have the treasure that another army holds, your score and experience increase. The player also needs to be careful to know when to attack and when to hide to avoid unexpected conflicts.

Players can choose which house to build, but always need a smart strategy to quickly level up the empire, which means that the buildings, soldiers have been upgraded, the weapons are full, the resources are abundant in wood and real, … Build a strong defense system to protect the empire and send troops to conquer the new land. That is the time for you to enter the battle on the world map. In order to entice more players, the manufacturer gives us a series of controls. From building hospitals and camps to enriching resources and weapons, a long-term plan help gamers succeed. Players also need to train their troops for big battles. In addition, the game also has a large number of quests for players to perform throughout the kingdom with many valuable rewards.


Battle of King Throne

All kings and lords have in their desire to unite the lands and place them under their rule, but the strategically minded exploited and seize every opportunity in the Clash of Kings so that he can win throne on his hands.

Play Multiplayer Games for free

Have your troops participate in battles against other players around the world. If it is possible, let’s find your own trustworthy allies to fight beside you. Nevertheless, always remember that even your allies will fall for each other because of the treasures that betray each other, so you should think and learn carefully before joining the alliance.

Build a strong defense system

Even while you are not ready to engage in wars, the enemy also has to find you to take away the resources that are in the castle, so build a strong defense system to fight against the sudden attacks, so you do not lose resources.

Special graphics in the game

If you’ve ever done a lot of damage, build up a lot of empires in other games like Clash of Clan, Throne Rush, or even an empire on windows, you’ll be amazed at the graphics built into the Clash of the Clash of Kings.



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