Clan of Dragons

Clan of Dragon – An amazing dragon game

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Clan of Dragon – An amazing dragon game

Have you ever seen pictures of animal simulation games with the clan of dragons? Embodying a Dragon to act to save the family, completing tasks in a fantasy game with different levels of challenge is what you need to know in Clan of Dragons. Adventure with powerful dragons challenging to maintain health and energy by fighting imaginary enemies.

The fantasy Dragons are here, we all love this creature. In Clan of Dragons, you have to control your very own dragon and fly through the beautiful landscape. Your mission is to survive to fight other fantasy creatures such as Cerberus, Flying Monsters, 3-Tailed Wolves, Venus’s giant fly traps and Dinosaurs.

Clan of Dragons game is based on the attack as well as fighting version. Becoming a dragon to fight with your enemies and try your best to survive in this world. In this game, you don’t have to race dragons or train your dragons like other free dragon games.

Clan of Dragons

Clan of Dragons simulation game will take you on an epic journey as you build your warrior clan, use your attacks, powers and defend against that attacking enemy and defeat all superheroes. Blow fire on monsters and destroy them with your ultimate Super Magic powers like Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and enjoy adventure with hunting and completing missions to upgrade and select mountain dragons different.

The story begins with you finding all the members of your guild. Then you will call other family members when you need help against the enemy. Your task is to find magic books to unlock special spells including: Invincibility, Fireball, Lightning Bolt and Healing Potion. Earn adventure points by hunting and perform various missions to upgrade and buy magic. Upgrade your power to have stronger magic abilities, become stronger and stronger defense.

Game owns beautiful 3D graphics, with a system of very beautiful fantasy scenes and 4 super bosses and 6 giant bosses are always angry to fight against. As a Fire Breathing Dragon in 3D open world enemies warrior defeat like flying monsters. They have ended your family now is the time to take revenge. One of the worst Dragon mountain nightmare simulation games is a great game in which you act like a creature.

Clan of Dragons

Play 3D dragon game and flap your dragon wings through the sky to fly and enjoy being an angry dragon! Now you can become the last dragon in a simulation unlike any other dragon. Control your own 3D dragon when you become a dragon master and fight with other animals and start the clan war. In this game, you will enjoy all simulation game experience. Maintain health and energy levels of your hungry dragon while playing.

A little trick when playing Clan of Dragons is that you call your family members to help you near other enemies. Control your own Fire Breathing Dragon tightly, color options for your Dragon. The game provides you with a huge map of the 3D world in the game, outlines the locations of caves, mountains and song, to help you more conveniently and easily control your Dragon to do the task. service. However, please pay attention to the weather element in the game too.

Clan of Dragon deserves to be an animal simulation game that you have never experienced before. Download Clan of Dragons to get yourself the most authentic experience.




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