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WHAT’S NEW Cinemagraph PRO APK 2019

– The opening time of camera is reduced by 30%.
– Improved user experience for camera.
– Smaller APK size, saving traffic and space.
– Photo save issue has been resolved.

Something in the corner of your eye catches your attention. Your eyes dart back to the image you’d glanced over. It’s just a photo. But something’s moving. That’s a Cinemagraph, the combination of a static image with a video.

Cinemagraph PRO – A simple way to edit your photos

These bits of video art are not only arresting, but a perfect tool for those of you looking for a way to capture attention for your photography, your social feed, and your business. Cinemagraphs can be a range of lengths and file sizes and can be compatible with a range of video formats, from GIF to MP4 and even Live Photo format.  Flixel, the Toronto-based startup that makes Cinemagraph Pro, gave us the scoop on creating a beautiful image. Er, video. Ok, Cinemagraph.

Think up the perfect shot for your message, or your business. What elements can be static? What should be animated? Plot out your shot getting the placement of the tripod right and working on the lighting for the video. Think about whether early morning or sunset lighting would be best, or where to position artificial lighting. Shoot the video, ensuring that you’ve captured a long section where the elements with motion are moving just right.  Use Cinemagraph Pro to trim the video clip to just the part of the motion you want to show. Choose the right frame from this trimmed clip to be your static component. Using the brush tool, mask the area of motion onto the still image. Adjust the size, hardness, and opacity of that motion area to create the perfect mask.

Tweak the color, light, and tone settings to get the look you’re going for using individual settings or a range of filters. Then crop your Cinemagraph to the range of sizes you’d like to post on the web, in your social apps, on digital displays, and more.  Export your Cinemagraph; you can set the video component to bounce or loop, in a range of speeds, as a high-quality MP4 or Live Photo that’s ready to use. Use the Flixel gallery option within the app to embed the file on your blog or website. Give it a try, or start by watching the terrific tutorials within the app to learn the fine points of creating gorgeous Cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraph PRO key features:

  • Simple camera interface that lets you create a Cinemagraph with a one touch.
  • Paint movement by touch
  • Choose and use the  filters in real-time
  • Share your Cinemagraphs as animated GIF images to another platform
  • Adjust the GIF image frame rate
  • Adjust the photo capturing frame rate
  • Adjust GIF image quality
  • Set the self-timer for capturing shake-free cinemagraphs
  • Touch to lock focus on to a subject
  • View all captured cinemagraphs as GIF images in the built-in gallery


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