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Chrooma GIF Keyboard for Android is a keyboard utility that has a highly customizable interface when the screen changes color according to the application you use. Chrooma GIF Keyboard PRO supports many languages, allowing free download and optimization for both smartphones and tablets. APKgalaxy offers the latest pro version apk file of this app, you can install it for free right now and enjoy one of the best keyboards for Android.

Chrooma GIF Keyboard PRO APK download for Android

In addition to the Hubs Keyboard with a host of smart features such as the ability to translate text, attach a clipboard to a conversation, or search and share files without leaving the app, Chrooma GIF Keyboard PRO is also a desktop gadget. Emerging keys are quite impressive. One of the first notable features of the keyboard interface is the ability to change the color of each application you are using. For example, if you are chatting on Viber, the keyboard screen will be purple, you post a status on Facebook, the keyboard interface will be white similar to the white background on this social network and a lot of interesting changes.

An unmatched feature of this app is the size of the installer up to 48MB, much larger than the Hitap Keyboard, DU Emoji Keyboard or Swiftkey Keyboard. However, in terms of stability and smoothness when operating, Chrooma GIF Keyboard PRO is not inferior. At present, Chrooma GIF Keyboard PRO also supports perfect Vietnamese and lovely sticker collection so you can download the trial experience.

Main features Chrooma GIF Keyboard PRO for Android

  • Multilingual support, including Vietnamese.
  • This app supports One Hand Mode (the keyboard switches to one side of the phone screen).
  • Split layout option (split the keyboard interface).
  • Icon options for keys.
  • Four different color styles (Color Style).
  • Many font styles.
  • Support for input with swipe gestures.
  • Resize the keyboard.
  • Support night mode.
  • Diverse emoji.
  • Change the interface color according to the application in use.

Support for standard languages (English, Indian, Spanish, etc.) and Indic Language (languages of the official language groups, such as English-American, English-Australian,…).

Important Note: Chrooma GIF Keyboard PRO also includes paid IAP packages that require users paid first to use. You can disable this feature in the settings folder of your device.


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