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Card games for mobile have always been a popular game genre, especially for Japanese gamers. For this reason, the gaming developers in Japan always know how to please the gamers by releasing a lot of card games on Android and iOS. Recently, GungHo Online Entertainment has introduced their latest mobile game, CHRONO MA: GIA, in the genre of the intellectual card game. The game is completely free of charge for Android and iOS users.

CHRONO MA: GIA APK download for Android

CHRONO MA: GIA has the gameplay is simple and easy to understand: players choose a character – it notes that each character will have special abilities corresponding to 3skill special, then set Desks with 20 different cards. With 3 skills that can be combined to create damage to the opponent, each time the players perform the skills, it will take a certain amount of Mana. The skill depends on each card. The game takes place on a random battlefield, in which the player wins the battle by defeating all his opponent’s HP. The battle mechanism in the game is quite complex that players need to know the attributes of the card and combine them together effectively. However, players do not worry because CHRONO MA: GIA has a completely understandable and detailed guide, which allows players to quickly understand and grasp the mechanics of gameplay from easy to difficult.

Select your Character

Currently, CHRONO MA: GIA introduces 15 characters corresponding to different play styles. But only 11 characters are revealed. The rest is still secret and you have to wait for the updating version. The following 11 characters are available: Karin Shindou, Zeta, Elena Brilliante, Raizer, Knight Kisaragi, Lilia, Aoi Shikigami, Honoka Shindou, Leo Bloomfield, Luluna and Sari.

Game Modes

Like other card games, CHRONO MA: GIA brings gamers an abundant selection of game modes, including:

  • Story Battle: The plot mode where players will be free to explore the mysterious world of CHRONO MA: GIA.
  • Practice Battle: Where you can play against AI opponents, a great way to test tactics as well as test new cards.
  • Free Match: PvP game mode, which based on experience points, the game will randomly select a competitor that allows you to play with.
  • Friend Match: You can create a Lobby and invite your friends to join the battle.
  • Ranked Match: The most engaging game of the game, where you will battle against other players in the world. You must win anyway. The best players will be honored at the list on the global charts.


CHRONO MA: GIA’s graphics feature is similar to many card games from Japan. The characters are well designed and have their own characteristics. The effect is very similar. Incredible and stunning sounds bring the exciting battle experience to the player.


CHRONO MA: GIA does not possess the unique gameplay, but it still has enough appeal for mobile card game enthusiasts. With high tactics, abundant game modes, multiplayer options… to bring the great experience for players.
CHRONO MA: GIA is released for free on Android and iOS. But currently, you have to register in advance to play. You can click on the link below to register. It notes that the pre-registered players will receive the great rewards from the developer.

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