Choice of the Dragon

Choice of the Dragon – a free text-based game of multiple choice

Uploaded: August 10th, 2019
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Choice of the Dragon – a free text-based game of multiple choice

Experience the life of a dragon and do whatever you want. Seriously, you can. Choice of the Dragon is an adventure game of your own, where you live the life of a dragon, moving from decision to decision and obedient or cruel as you want.

Choice of the Dragon is almost entirely written, meaning you will have to read some things to draw maximum pleasure from the experience. Writing style is sharp, though, and pepper with enough satire humor to make it constantly interesting. In addition to choosing your path in dragon life, you also decide what your dragon looks like, gender, color and some other attributes woven into the story. It’s impressive how much content changes based on your decision, although due to the transition nature of the game, you have to reboot to see that in practice.

Choice of the Dragon

Each screen presents you with a brief script and a number of options. Is your elf out of the cave arguing? You can stop there. After all, they are your minions and you don’t allow them to kill each other. On the other hand, they should fight for your entertainment, right? Bring refreshment! On the other hand, elves are under your mighty dragon.

There are more things here than just reading a story. Choice of the Dragon follows character indicators such as brutality, sophistication, contempt and honor along with health, wealth and infamy, all affected by choices You give out on each screen. Check your dragon status by clicking the button just above the story section of the screen.

Choice of the Dragon

So what’s the highlight of the game? To become a dragon, of course. To fly back and sculpt your personality and your world when you see fit. You also (initially) are looking for a place to start your treasure pile and small goals come and go as the plot progresses. Choice of the Dragon gives you a surprisingly long chain in this, all with a well-written story sprinkled with a moderate amount of humor. Not about riddles, but about meaningful interactions with the story.

This nature game encourages discovery. It doesn’t have to be the kind of “going all the way, diving into every lake”, but about the story, the characters and how your decisions affect the rest of the game. You are encouraged to do what you want, but one thing the game lacks is a certain checkpoint system that allows you to go back and try some parts of the game. It is a good design option to make your decision as a permanent part of the game, as it gives everything a lasting feeling and forces you to think about your choices before clicking. to enter. There were a few times I found myself curiously curious about what some other options would reveal, and I wish there was a way to just peek around before going on.

Choice of the Dragon

Those with iPhone/iPod Touch or Android phones will be happy to know that Choice of the Dragon is available on both iTunes App Store and Google Play Android Games!

If you’re in the mood to read a bit and want a more relevant game than hitting the mouse button at the right time, Choice of the Dragon is definitely for you. It is well written, attractive and full of great moments to explore and experience.




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