Chilly Snow

Uploaded:January 13th, 2018
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Category : Puzzle

Chilly Snow is the latest Acid Cousins game released on both Android and iOS, just like the Acid Cousins’s game tradition, you will experience a simple but addictive gameplay, in which you will continue to play. Control a ball moving from the top of the mountain down the slope and avoid the pine trees scattered on the map.

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The control mechanism in the game is very simple, use your finger to touch the screen and control the direction of movement of the ball.
Chilly Snow is a game with no end, you will play again from the beginning if you encounter obstacles on the way, you can also select “More opportunities” to be able to continue playing at the position lost, By watching a short ad in the game, of course there will only be one chance, you will have to play again if you continue to lose again. Chilly Snow allows players to unlock new balls, in general, it only changes the color of the ball rather than affect gameplay, the main task in the game, of course, is to get the highest score possible, you have You can choose to take the risk to get higher scores by controlling the ball moving closer to the tree but not crashing into them, usually you will get 2 or 4 points when doing this.

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Ads in Chilly Snow appear so much – what’s so familiar with these games, you can support the publisher by purchasing a $ 1.99 IPA package to completely remove the ad or turn off internet connection when playing. Chilly Snow’s graphics are simple and easy to see, and you’ll see that these are highlighted in the snow, and the ball is highlighted for players to focus on. Chilly Snow is not too impressive at all. But the gameplay is very addictive – like many previous Voodoo games, you can download free games with the link below.


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