Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO

Uploaded: October 9th, 2017
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Category : Simulator

Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO for Android gives players the beautiful floating islands but there are innumerable hazards that the player will face and deal with.

Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO for Android allows players to freely control the weather on floating islands in real-time mode, giving real feeling to the player. Like other survival games, the player’s task is to collect resources to make gadgets and construct the buildings; Fight against bloodthirsty monsters wandering through the dead land. They are ready to kill and eat you. Can you survive to the last minute? Many incredible adventures await you in Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO APK game. Join this exciting survival challenge and you will become a true explorer.

Key Features of Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO:

  • You are the god of the weather: Freeze, melt or hot as your mind. The game has three weather conditions on each island and you control the weather in real time
  • Biological diversity: From snow, from 0 degrees to hot deserts such as Diem Son Fire mountain, wetland, and many other islands.
  • Put your ideas to the life: Make hundreds of different widgets using a variety of resources. If you like the game, you will love Chibi Weather Lord PRO for Android
  • Advanced construction system: from the simple house to palace and castle. Build your dream home and survive through the cold winter nights.
  • Explore the secrets of the island: Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO has a lot of puzzles waiting for you to find a solution. They are quite difficult but the prize is very big. To this adventure, you will find yourself growing up a lot.

  • Compete with friends: The tournament will help you find out the best player.
  • Try to survive: Health concerns, do not let yourself starve. The animals here are always turning into bloodthirsty predators at night, so always be alert.
  • Brilliant 3D graphics, live: The most beautiful Chibi-style survival game ever seen

If you have any questions, players can send a message to the customer support team via the address:

Chibi Survivor Weather Lord PRO (APK) is the first new mobile game to incorporate all the best features of the open-world survival genre, promising to bring the best mobile experience. This is the perfect entertainment option for those who love the survival game genre on Android.


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