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Chess Rush – a turn-based strategy game boasts both team and solo modes

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Chess Rush – a turn-based strategy game boasts both team and solo modes

Chess Rush is a top-notch strategy game that has just been released from Tencent publisher. This is a huge Chinese game publisher, and they own the WeChat social network with over 1 billion users. After the great success of PUBG Mobile, they continued to launch a new game. The game is inspired by an optional map of Dota 2 that is storming in the gaming community that is Auto Chess.

The game uses the generals in moba to participate in the chessboard to duel with 7 other players. This is really a very new and attractive strategy game. Each general will move like a chess piece when the war between you and other players begins. So what is this game so appealing that it attracts so many players? Let me learn briefly about this game offline.

The rules of Chess Rush are also extremely simple and easy to understand. Each champion in moba will be a chess piece with skills that have been balanced by the publisher. You have to hire them and form a team to engage other players. The game will give you a small amount of time to prepare and arrange your pieces. After that, you will be teleported to another player’s yard and battle. If you win you will get more money and the enemy will be reduced your life. When the player’s life no longer exists, that person will be eliminated. And of course, the last survivor will be the winner.

Chess Rush

Special note, you can upgrade the generals you use in your own tactics. If you buy 3 similar generals, that champion will be upgraded and become stronger than ever. For example, if I have 3 generals 1 star then I will upgrade to 2. The maximum number of stars that can be achieved is 3 stars. Fighting monsters will drop items, you can equip it to any general you want to increase strength.

When playing Chess Rush, you can match battles with players from other countries. And so, the war will not only occur in any one country but will be competitive with all players in the world. This will extremely stimulate competition between players and of course, the rankings will be a place for all players around the world to compete. The achievements of all players in the world will be gathered here.

Chess Rush

Compared to other games, Chess Rush possesses extremely impressive graphics. With extremely modern graphics technology, Tencent has created for itself a game with extremely beautiful graphics and attracts millions of players. Not only does it grasp the prevailing gameplay, Tencent also pays great attention to its graphics. The generals as well as the skills are meticulously designed and meticulous, you absolutely can not be impeccable. With extremely high-end 3D graphics, it will definitely bring you a great experience than ever before.

Chess Rush

Chess Rush is a great game from the publisher Tencent. Only one day after launch, the game has more than 1 million downloads and is highly appreciated in the gaming community. That’s all you probably understand the appeal of this game, it’s time for tactical play to the throne and say goodbye to the “Paid to win” games.

You can download the game via the link at the bottom to join this top notch gaming experience. In particular, the publisher will give extremely attractive gifts for new players to join, do not miss it!

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